If you had a choice


Where would you stay? Dvc or deluxe? Which one And why? Thanks!


Almost always I’d go deluxe because we really don’t need to get more than a studio.
And if we’re going to have a kitchen, it would need to be proper sized and I’d actually need to be using it.

Either that, or I have the extra money to get a one bedroom at BLT.


Deluxe SUITE. :angel:


It depends on the DVC. If it’s a one-bedroom, I would go with that. I LOVE the feeling of “home” on vacation that those one and two bedrooms offer. Even more so when it a long trip. I like having a separate bedroom to take a nap or have time to myself undisturbed.

If you are talking studio, go with the deluxe resort. :heart:


Well there are 5 of us plus my parents. So we are at 2 rooms or a 2 br dvc… One in the party is a toddler, does that make a difference?


It really depends on the resort and whether it’s a one-bedroom or a studio DVC unit.

But for us, deluxe. We like having a queen size bed, rather than a pull-out sofa. And we don’t really have much use for the kitchenette the way we travel.


Me either but i could do laundry qith 3 kids. And a dishwasher for sippy cups…


I would go deluxe. I don’t cook on vacation - ever.


I would do the two bedroom DVC. Even though your not going to cook and use the kitchen, the two bedroom would give you some space but keep the family unit together…whereas the deluxe resort you would return from the park and go to different rooms, it would be like ending your time together for the day.


DVC. Any other destination I’d go deluxe all the way - but at WDW, like Dana, I like to feel “at home”.


With the gang a 2BR unit was the way to go for us. The W/D in the unit is worth every penny. But if it is only Pam and me I can do with any resort. I just need a quiet place to have my coffee and a book or newspaper in the am and I’m a happy camper. That is why the WL is perfect for us. I grab a chair and sit by the lake and really get an opportunity to decompress and relax on vacation. So I guess it all depends on how many you’re travelling with and how you want to spend your time in the world. I do know that our upcoming F&W Fest trip will include much more time in Epcot so the resort ammenities are not that high for this trip.


There are always the tree houses at SSR.


How long do I get to go for and how many people.

If less then a week and less then 4 people then a Deluxe is perfect ( make mine the Poly please ).

If a longer stay or a bigger group then the DVC would be fun.



I like the 1 br dvc units for the “kitchen” even though we never really cook, and the washer and dryer.


We have7 . My parents, two more adults, two preteens and a toddler… Usually my bigger kids stay in the room with my parents, and we have the baby with us. I would like to wash clothes and wash bottles in a dishwasher, but i think i am trying to justify the cost difference either way… I mean really, i would be happy to stay anywhere, but i am trying to make it easy on my parents! Ha! Lets be realistic, i am trying to make it easy on all of us…


I think for a group that size, I would go with the 2 BR DVC instead of the 2 deluxe rooms. Especially if you have traveled together and know that you get along. :laugh:

I am also a proponent of “no cooking on vacation” but we liked having the kitchen of the 2 BR on our big family trip so that we could do light breakfasts in the room before leaving for the day. It helped that some people could be eating while others were showering or what have you. We also liked having the living room space of the 2 bedroom to gather at night for late night snacks and wine after the little ones went to sleep.


Amen sister!!

I want to be waited on and cooked for for a change.

You could always get two connected rooms at a deluxe, but if your budget will absorb the cost, I’d guess go with a full blown two bedroom DVC villa.


Go two-bedroom villa. All the way 2-bedroom


I like alone time on the balconies, which ever resort I’m at.
At WL, you can’t go wrong with either north facing woods view of pool/court view and sitting outside in your own private space.
Of course, the best place for this is an animal view room at AKL, but I still like WL a bit more.

And of course, we’ve never had more than three in our party, and that was only once with a second coming up in July.


My vote would be DVC Villa. The benefit of the washer/dryer is my reason. We usually have a studio and do have access to a free laundry room, but never use it. When we once had a one bedroom, and with the w/d in the same room, I was in heaven. Just very convenient, even just to dry off the swimsuits. Also, take advantage of that dishwasher. You’re on vacation!