If you had to choose only one


If you had to choose only one place to eat in all of WDW where would it be?

I may only have one choice for a table service in Dec and wanted something great. I was thinking Chef mickeys because the last 2 trips we didnt see Mickey.


I think Chef Mickey’s is a good idea since your taking kids with you. Another choice would be 'Ohana for a fun dinner.


Ohanna’s is my FAVORITE :heart:
I want to do all but Im trying to stick to a budget unless I start working some overtime because the Cm said that is holiday pricing


For Character Dining I would pick O’Hana for breakfast. I like that the meal is served family style and the characters always spend time with each table.

Non-character dining it would have to be Le’Cellier Steakhouse at Epcot.


With my kids I’d choose Crystal Palace. If it was just my dh and myself I’d choose Kona Cafe


My DH and I both agree on O’Hana’s! What a great place!!


oh what a tough question!! I am not sure I would be able to choose just one…but if I had to narrow it down, it’d be LeCellier and Ohana. Tutto Italia would be up there too.


We liked the Liberty Tavern because DH is a meat & potatoes kind of man. :laugh: Me? I liked Tony’s Town Square Tavern. I love Calamari!


Crystal Palace for breakfast is amazing! Id have said Boma at AKL but was there for a breakfast in June and it didn’t seem as great as always :S


Are you looking for great food, or a character experience?


I would say CP or Chef Mickey’s. Your kids will enjoy either one.


I was wondering the same thing…


Okay, one meal with the kids I would say Crystal Palace or 1900 Park Fare. We love them both!! If it were just for my personal choice, Le Cellier all the way!!


My vote goes to LTT it may be the last time you get to eat here with the character experience.Also you will not have to leave the park.


If your priority is seeing Mickey, or characters, & could only choose one I think I would choose O’hana for Breakfast. The food is GREAT, it starts your day out in a fun way, the kids get to participate in the ‘parade/music’ with the characters, and YAY Mickey!


Our family favorite is Chef Mickeys!


Our family favorite is Chef Mickey’s!!


1900 Park Fare Dinner or O’Hana’s


You said that you :heart: Ohana’s and you wanted to see Mickey this trip so why not see him decked out in his hawaiian clothes at Ohana’s for breakfast??? The food is awesome for breakfast (the best scrambled eggs I’ve ever had!!) and the kids will have a great time too!!!


If it’s a character meal you’re looking for, you really can’t go wrong with Chef Mickey’s or 'Ohana. They were both GREAT for breakfast!

If it’s dinner/non character experience you’re looking for, I’d have to say LE CELLIER…bar none. Next choice, I’d pick Boma or 'Ohana. :happy: