If you had to pick


I am in desperate need to plan a new WDW trip. I cannot go this August like I wanted, but want to get a trip in the works so I have it to look forward to next year. Here are my choices:

Thankgiving day and the week after…(going to have to be T-day 2010,not 09)will get to finally see the Xmas decorations after many years of wanting to get there.

Last week of January 2010…tempting as it’s my fav time to go there, but will have to take DD out of school for more than a few days, but it’s sooner than the T-day trip. No crowds and cheap travel too…leaning toward this one.

Next June…last day of school, so she misses nothing.

Halloween 2010…I love Halloween at WDW.


I would opt for Thanksgiving. It’s so beautiful and there’s no chance that flights will be delayed because of weather :smile:


Is is crowded then? I know the week of T-day is iffy, but the week after must be dead. I was thinking of leaving the day after Tday and coming home the following Saturday or Sunday. Nice 8-day trip. I could also leave the day before T-day and come home the following Friday.


Gee Dana, when we go in November, it’s always 8 days before the holiday. It gets really busy the Tuesday before TG and I bet it doesn’t let up until after that weekend.

January of course it’s empty but there are a lot of rides that are being refurbished and the parks close really early and there are no special events.

I would always opt for taking my kids out of school before I go during crazy times.
We are leaving the kids to make their grandparents crazy this time and are doing it by ourselves (I cannot wait)


I would probably opt for the January trip. I love Disney at Halloween, too, but I’ve been when it is empty - I like that better! :biggrin:


Go and see the christmas decorations. I thought they were the best. But I still want to try holloween.


I voted Thanksgiving too, I would love to see the Christmas decorations at WDW.


I’d do Halloween. October crowds are pretty light, and you can go to MNSSHP. Next choice would be June - summer crowd hasn’t gotten too big, yet.


Thanksgiving week will be busy but the next should be nicer. Take your time the first week, do you shopping, etc.

I think I will only ever go back at Christmas time. It was so beautiful.


I would say January. Simply because you are skipping this year so you’ll want this trip to be as great as possible–it’s your favorite time to go…the cost will allow you to stay where you want and taking DD out of school is a concern but you she’s a smart girl…she can make it up. :laugh:


I would opt for Thanksgiving first. We were just there for the first time and absolutely loved it. We arrived the Thursday before Thanksgiving and the crowds were good up until the Tuesday before. After that, the crowds were heavy. But we had the opportunity to see all of the decorations and experience something special for the holidays at each park.

My second choice would be June. The weather will still be okay and the crowds still light (especially if you’re going the first half).

Have fun planning.:mickey:


I think a WDW trip in June kicks the summer off right. The weather is great and the crowds may be more manageable than before because of the economy.


Nothing beats Disney at Christmas time. I opt for Thanksgiving.


I love it there when the Christmas decorations are up. The castle is never more beautiful. We always go the week after Thanksgiving and the crowds aren’t bad, although this year it was busy. Thought I’d show you a few pictures from this year.


I picked Turkey Day as you have never been there to see the Christmas lights and I think everyone should at least once go that time if they can. And as WFW Rules pictures show it is something to be seen.


Gotta go with a T-day trip- although I know how hard the wait is!


I picked Jan. 2010 because low crowds and less time to wait for your trip.


Thanksgiving…I know you LOVE Halloween…but go for Thanksgiving and the decorations!!!


January, 2010 - low crowds beat holiday decorations by a mile.


I voted for Thanksgiving. That is when we like to go and we love the Christmas Party and all the decorations. The crowds are manageable.
I especially love the Candlelight Processional at Epcot. It really sets the mood for the holidays.:mickey: