If you have a child read this thread!


I just stumbled upon this link searching the web. I apologize if anyone else has discussed this here, but I looked and couldn’t find any talk on MouseBuzz about it. I thought this was a very good idea and wanted to share it with you all.

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Here are some of the safety tips they list on the Whosshoes website:


As with any safety measure, parents should coach their children on what to do in an emergency situation.

  1.  Instruct children to “Never” go anywhere without first getting permission. Don’t go looking for lost pets, to someone’s house, riding in a car.
  2.  Have children wear up-to-date, discreet personal ID at all times.  Who’s Shoes ID is a great option while on vacation and everyday.
  3.  Parents always carry a current photo ID of your child. Keep fingerprints and DNA samples at home. If you have a photo phone, take a picture of your child each day.
  4.  Use your digital camera or camera cell phone to take a picture of your child every morning before you begin your adventures.  If your child is lost and you need to enlist others help, you have a current photo – clothes worn that day – to show others.
  5.  Before going on an outing, play a game of “What do I look like?”  Have your children recite what you look like and what you are wearing that day. Parents take note of what your children are wearing that day. Take a picture using cell phone camera.
  6.  Have the family wear the same colored shirts or handkerchiefs, or have children wear bright-colored shirts so they can be easily spotted in a crowd.
  7.  If lost, tell children to stay where they are.  Don’t go running around looking for mommy and daddy.  Assure them you will return to where you last saw them.
  8.  Instruct children to identify “Helpful Strangers.” There are certain kinds of strangers that can assist a child when they need help: mothers with children, uniformed police, store clerks.
  9.  Teach children to show their ID to a “Helpful Stranger” in an emergency situation.
  10. Teach children to scream “Help – you’re not my mommy or daddy,” if someone tries to take them.

Also…Teach children to rip off their Who’s Shoes ID and leave it as a clue for law enforcement if a stranger does take them.


Wow! I wish I had used this when my kids were small (at 11 and 8 they would rather stay home and mope than wear something like this). I sued to write their name, our names, and both our cell numbers on a sticker and put int inside their shirt along the hem. They knew to show it only to CMs who wore a name tag.


i have never heard of the “helpful stranger” tip. always been tought and thought i would teach my DD “never talk to strangers”, which when you think about it…doesn’t make sense when a child is lost and scared…they will need assistance from a “helpful stranger”. wherever one child is there is usually another. i would think that my DD who is 3 will be able to spot another mommy and would feel comfortable about her asking that mommy for help. :slight_smile:

great tip…thanks for posting!


Those look like a great idea, if your child is wearing shoes with laces. Although, I guess you could figures something else out for shoes with out laces.

Thanks so much for the link. I’m saving it to my favorites right now so I can buy them before we leave in December.

One question though, as they state in their website " It also helps ensure that only an authorized adult picks up your child." How exactly would these act as a deterrent for anyone but an authorized adult? I mean, I’m all for this product as a means of identification if the child is lost, but I’m not sure about that second part. Then again, I don’t have the mind of a criminal!


I think they said “pick up” meaning when the child is found. There is an authorized adult stated on the tag maybe? Just like in school when you have the people who are authorized to pick your child up in case you can’t.


I’ve seen the shoe thing for sale. However, my trick has always been to take one of my business cards. On the back, I write my child’s name, the resort I’m staying at, and my cell phone number.

This gets laminated and diaper pinned to the back of my kids shirt.


I love all these tips. I have been telling DD about helpful strangers as well. It seems like she understands.


I found a lost child on our last trip to DL, it would have been great if that little girl had one of those, I could have called her parents on their cellphone.


Thanks for the tips.
When the girls were younger I used to have my information in their clothes - I would use the iron one strips place is on the hem of their shirts in the back.

It stated to become a pain in the butt so I had them tattooed… just kidding.

The both still carry ID with them.