If you just got back, Luv Bug report?


How bad do the love bugs look this year?


I’m so glad you asked this question! I totally forgot about how bad they were last year while we were there! I’m really glad to hear that they aren’t too bad!!


I didn’t see any when we were there from Sept 6-14th. Maybe this is a good year for them since they were soooo bad last fall.


We actually saw quite a few and are still her in FL. I will post a picture tomorrow of the front of our truck so you can see all of the one’s we “caught.”


Worst I’ve ever seen this year. They were terrible in the spring and even worse right now. Luckily, WDW isn’t prone to massive amounts of love bugs. But, I have seen them there before. I would put money that my automocar will be covered in them by the time I reach the WDW area driving I-4 this weekend!


Thanks, DW hates the bugs but if I can prepare her I can lessen the disappointment and disgust.


Got back on the 20 only saw a few in orlando area…more on i75 leaving


I think they are just now starting to get bad…I just washed them off my car.


that’s what I was afraid of.


awwww, they’re just lookin’ for love :frown:


Oh so true! Perfectly harmless unless youre the paint on a car:laugh:


what’s wrong with Love bug’s… I have a few, and their no bother at tall.


:eek: Holy crap are those yours???



Where’s my picture?:laugh: :laugh:


Not many love bugs that i can remember. It was land of the Gecko’s though. Little critters were skittering all over the place.


I’ve noticed a surge in Love Bugs this week. They’re everywhere again! Maybe it’s cause of the recent spikes in weather.


They’ve been getting worse all week. I’m dreading the drive home tomorrow. The car will be pelted with them. I’ve seen increasing numbers every day since Monday. They were late this year. This means we’ll probably have a bad time with them until mid-October.


When I was there last fall they were terrible esp in AK on the tram, hopefully this year they wont be so bad…I have no love for the love bugs haha


Update: I just arrived home a few hours ago. The route takes us down Florida’s Turnpike (Yes, that’s really it’s name. I know, it’s a little possesive or over the top, but I didn’t name it) through orange country in Indian River and St. Lucie counties, and they weren’t really that bad. They were a little more noticeable by our departure time of 2 PM. I don’t know if this means a late bloom of love bugs or if they aren’t going to be that bad this season.


I’m driving up tomorrow. Will give a love-bug report upon my return :laugh: