If you knew a hurricane was coming, would you still go to WDW?


With 2 hurricanes passing over in the last two weeks, many people still went to WDW with full knowledge of the hurricane coming. Would you still go, even though there would be no penalty to cancel?


WDW has weathered the storms quite well and even though it’s a relatively expensive way to spend a vacation, I think we’d have fun anyway.

Being from New England, weathering storms is something I quite enjoy.

I would have to qualify my answer though. If I was staying at a Deluxe, only then would I still go down. I’d like to be able to roam around the resort and eat in comfort. Going outside in a storm is no fun.


I voted No way! BUT, I would consider going if the above were the case and DH agreed. Only if it was something we’d saved up for for a long time and it was a big vacation…Being that we are only 4 or so hours away…I would postpone my vacation(there is a reason we only go in November, December this year, is b/c it is no longer hurricane season.) I would never book a vacation in Florida during hurricane season…Living in NC my whole life and in Savannah for 3 years, I have seen my share of hurricanes and the damage they cause… but I can see where some people don’t have that choice b/c of school/work schedules.


We are in this exact situation. We planned on going to disney this friday. But with Ivan lurking about, we decided to cancel the reservation. We are 3 hours from Orlando so come Thursday if it looks like we are going to be spared we will call the hotel to see if we can still get a room. If not, we will just pick another time to go. I cant see spending the money on tolls, gas, hotel, etc. and getting stuck in a hotel room while wondering if I am going to have a house to go home to. We got lucky with Francis and did not have any damage <surprisingly> but we may not be so lucky the next time.


I voted no way. I live in Florida so I have to deal with these storms and I know that you should not take chances with your loved ones. WDW has been very lucky not to be damaged but why take a chance and go if you can reschedule and maybe not get hurt.


I voted yes :slight_smile: It is so strange …but I was never worried about our safety while we were there during Charley nor were the girls. I noticed how well they handled preparing for Charley too.


I would say no, as we have re-planed our trip that we were supposed to be on labor day weekend. If the parks are closed, we prefer to stay at home without loosing precious vacation time and $. We can allways come back another time.


I said I would have to check with my significant other!! Which would probably mean no!! :sad: He is the more level headed one of the two of us when it comes to Disney!!! :whistling


I voted yes. I’m like Tinkerbell, I always feel safe in WDW and I like to gamble a bit anyway. In fact, we always used to go to WDW in Sept and have dealt with hurricane warnings several times. We’ve always been lucky. I’ve had to contend with a lot of blizzards in my life, so I figure it would be just like a blizzard, only warmer. If my flight was on, I would go.


I’m a no go. I live close enough that I can just reschedule for another time.


We had a reservation for Sunday, Sept 5th, re-scheduled plane, but kept a watch on the weather. Normally, we would say we would still go once the airport was re-opened, but after a few phone calls to places in Orlando asking about the conditions, we decided to cancel the trip altogether. The residents are going to have enough problems with clean-up and damages, that they really don’t need a lot of sightseerers to deal with. Residents will be needing time off from work to clean and repair their homes. Also, road crews on clean-up don’t need a lot of extra people on the roads. It’s easy enough, for us, to re-schedule to go to Florida another time. We are disappointed, but we can do other things during this vacation week. And there’s tomorrow, tomorrow, there’s always tomorrow. :smile:


No, I wouldn’t go unless I had no way to reschedule it. WDW in a hurricane is better than loosing your money and your trip. I would definately move heaven and earth to reschedule. I wouldn’t want to spend all that money to be trapped in a resort room…nice as they are. :flowers:


Yes, in fact we did. We went down one day before Charley hit in order to get there before the storm hit. I felt perfectly safe once we were there. Orlando is so far inland that even the worst hurricanes tend to lessen as they move across land. Of course this one caused a lot more damage than they initially thought, but I still wouldn’t cancel my vacation unless forced to.


Probably no…can’t see wasting days down there & not being able to hit the parks. If I want to get cabin fever I can do that during snow storms here in CO!!!



Theres no way some little rain storm is going to keep me from WDW
As tho motto goes “neither rain nor snow will keep me from my destiny with the mouse” :laugh:


I said yes, but of course I would check with DH.


I’m with you…I tend to get irrational and my mind tells me that Disney is in a bubble and can’t be damaged! LOL.


Heck, I’d go, but partner says no way! We’ll see, we are headed there 9/25 for 2 weeks. Hopefully no more are coming that way…[COLOR=RoyalBlue]undefined[/COLOR]


I look at this poll and wonder how many are really being honest. It is very easy to say that I would go because everything is so wonderful, well the reality is there is allot of devastation throughout Florida due to the past 2 Hurricanes and there is another one on the way. We are not talking about a little rain storm. The projected path has it following Charley’s route so far. I live in Tampa and it scares me to think that we might be hit next. I know WDW is wonderful and under normal circumstances I would go there over most anywhere else but not if a disaster is coming. Polls are nice and all but I wonder if the “yes” votes are really serious?