If you knew a hurricane was coming, would you still go to WDW?


I voted no - I love to be in the parks everyday for as long as I can.
Also, my DH’s vacations are usually pretty easy to obtain,
so rescheduling would not really be an issue.
(and I’m not opposed to taking the kids out of school!)


gcbdad, yes I would still go, yes I know hurricanes can be devastating, but if I had everything planned and paid for, I would go. thinking about this …its like 9/11, remember how they asked for tourist support after 9/11? If people started to stay away from Florida because of hurricanes, it would also effect the economy.


I voted No Way, simply for the $$ involved in my trips to WDW. That is too much money to be couped up in the hotel when I could have stayed home and gone another time. WDW to me is all about going to the parks and if I couldn’t do that it wouldn’t be worth going. While I agree that Disney does a good job keeping people safe, and I don’t think I would be too scared, it just doesn’t make sense to me to go into a hurricane for my vacation $!!


ohh this reminded me of a show DH and I saw on the Travel channel ( I think it was the Travel channel) where people actually paid to go hunt down tornados!! We thought that was so insane. Then during Charley and again with Francis they showed surfers out there on the beach and in the water.


We have been tracking IVAN closely and the projected path right now is to hit the tip of Florida as a category 5 on Monday and go up the middle of the the sate and be right over Orlando on Tuesday.
Of course we are praying that it will continue to head east and miss the whole state, but if not it would be devastating.

                       This is not the news I was hoping for. UGH!


I voted “no way”, but that’s with the understanding that I could reschedule without penalty. Travel plans would have to be factored in, too. We were stranded down there in Feb. 2003 after an ice storm in the Carolinas closed the railroad tracks (we went via Amtrak). :angry: We wound up taking Greyhound all the way back to Albany, NY…so it isn’t only hurricanes that can mess things up!



since we are still planning on arriving on Wednesday, I voted “yes”… hopefully everyone in Florida will be spared another hit. I teach meteorology so I am literally watching Ivan’s storm track hourly…


I said no way as WDW is the Happiest Place on Earth I don’t think I want to be there durning a Hurricane or anyplace else but far away from it. We have been there durning a rain storm and that’s fine it gives more time to shop


I voted No. We were scheduled to leave in a week, but rescheduled (my dh pushed for this one, said with a 3 yr old it might not be fun!) for November. Fine with me as long as we get down there by the end of '04!


I voted for checking with the spouse as I said earlier, and today I was on with the concierge at the POLY and she said she felt safer at WDW than her own house thru the two so far!! So I think WDW is ready for these kinds of things but it would still be so hard to take my kids into it!!! But we are still planning to go next week too!!!


Had to vote No way. It is not fun being stuck there (or anywhere) with storms like that. But if I had to be anywhere, as Dorothy once said “thers’s no place like home”.


In Disney is one of the safest places to be if you have to be in a storm… they are built better and they do their best to make it better for everyone… If I had plans and that was the only time I could go… I would still go…ºoºJudy


I wouldn’t take the chance. I can’t imagine being in WDW with my 2 kids and then possibly being stuck in my hotel room. It would be tough on all of us (especially my sanity, lol), so we’d cancel and reschedule.


A nice, little breeze never hurt anyone…and as for the rain, you are going to get wet on Splash anyways…hahaha!


I just got saw this thread, most likely it was posted when I didn’t have power for the most of September due to Hurricanes!

WDW, however, HAD POWER!

So, I’m thinking I might of possibly faired better down there! :c)

I can see why people don’t want to take their vacations during a hurricane. It kinda makes for a boring vacation…however, if it isn’t too bad of a hurricane, it just might be a little added excitement!


I have to change my answer!! We were at WDW for the 3rd out of 4 hurricanes last year (Jeanne). We managed to book 2xs last Sept during hurricanes. The first time we changed for 3 weeks later to avoid one storm, then when ANOTHER hurricane came for that week…I gave up and we went anyway. It was the most restfull WDW trip we have ever taken. Nothing like getting to lay around in bed for as long as we liked. Hope it doesnt happen again this year, but the extra rest wouldent hurt, lol!


Why not just book a hotel ANYWHERE to rest!

It would literally kill me…(My nerves would be shot) to pay that much money and NOT go to the parks!!!


I used to live in FL. A hurricane does not bother me, and Disney prepares well. We take plenty of DVDs and have a DVD player to watch them on so nope it wouldn’t bother me. The most lost park time was 2 days and we always come home with days left on our PHs anyways, so it really wouldn’t be a big deal. I would have more of a problem trying to reschedule a big trip like that than going and having a hurricane hit.


It did not hurt so much because I knew we were going back for MNSSHP 3 or 4 weeks later. We had left the kids with my mom and sister so were were hoping for some alone time anyway :whistling I actually felt bad for not brining them…there were tons of characters and CMs were in the GCH at the Poly just to entertain the us and the other guests! Disney was so awesome about the whole thing. :mickey: