If you knew a hurricane was coming, would you still go to WDW?


Ooooooh! You were down there DURING a hurricane! I think I misunderstood you the first time around! LOL!

Do NOT feel bad for not bringing your kids - alone time during a big storm at WDW! I’d PAY for that! :whistling


I voted Yes!

I would rather be at WDW during a hurricane than not be there at all. Plus, I would feel extremely safe at Disney. I’m always up for another adventure, and even spending the week in the room would be fun for me.


If you had to be in Florida during a hurricane… Disney would be the safest place to be… and since I live in Florida I would choose to be there instead of at home…LOL… ºoºJudy


I’ve just now seen this thread for the first time. While I answered ask the spouse, I really don’t know what we’d do. But our situation is very different. We live in Miami. When storms come, many people evacuate to Orlando anyway. But I’d feel funny leaving my house unprepared for the storm. A similar thing happens to people on cruises. In 2000 we booked an Eastern Caribbean cruise, but when we arrived at the dock in Ft. Lauderdale, we were told, you’re going west due to a storm. Well, the storm missed the Virgin Islands and we sailed closer to it between the Caymans and Jamaica than if we’d been on our original route. The next year we tried again, and the whole week before I was watching storms. I was happy we wouldn’t be affected this time. Oh yeah, but one little thing happened the Tuesday before our Sunday sailing in Sept, 2001. Guess what that was. But go to WDW with a hurricane coming? I’d have to check with the Hurricane Center up the street (really) and see what the tracks and timescales were. We were up in Toronto the week that Ivan missed Miami, and were really worried until we saw it move too far west to bother our house.
One more thing, we go to WDW every October, but so far have not been bothered by storms.


Been there - done that - TWICE! We were there for Floyd in 99 and another hurricane in 2001 shortly after 9/11. Floyd ended up just giving off some wind and rain - nothing major. The one that hit in 2001 was a little scarier - we were driving home since all of the airports had closed and the hurricane spawned some tornados that were touching down all around us as we were driving up the coast. Very scary. Someone wanted us out of FL that year! But I answered yes anyway - I would still go. Everyone at Disney took good care of us last time, so I would trust them if it were to come down to that again. On the other hand - we now vacation in Feb rather than Sept, so I doubt we would have to face that problem again anyway!


I’d have to ask. I’ve lived in FL my whole life and have been through numerous hurricanes. We only evacuate if it gets above a Category 3 (anything below is somewhat harmless and just a heavy rainstorm), and even then it’s iffy. BF and I both work in the Law Enforcement field. Usually if a hurricane is coming our way, all vacation and leave is taken away and we’re all put on mandatory duty.
But when I was a kid, we’d evacuate towards Jax - never understood that since you gotta drive back through it to go home!


I wouldn’t want to take the chances of my kids or us being hurt.


DW is a weater nut. That would be a reason to plan a trip to Disney. Just kidding. We have been through 6 huricanes (in different cities) and several tropical storms. CATEGORY I or CAT II aren’t that bad. CAT III we boarded up the house. CAT IV, look out shelter here we come.


I voted no… but I wish I could change my vote, cause I just realized something… It would be better to be boarded up and boreded down in a Disney resort, safe and sound, than really bored at home and have the fear that, at any time, a tornado might rip through your house just like that…


As luck would have it, our trip was delayed last year because of all the hurricances. We arrived just after the last one blew through and hope another would not stir. To our amazement, Disney World was spotless! As you walked through, there was no evidence at all that anything had happened there, let alone several hurricane!


Since we live 86 miles away, might as well go and batten down the hatches at OKW! Of course, we would not travel during the storm. Don’t want to be on the road during a possible hurricane spawned tornado! :crying:


I said yes because I was there when a hurricane came I believe it was hurricane floydd


Oh yes, most definatley. Probably one of the better places to be here in Florida during one of these storms. We have been some HUGH storms over the years at Disney, never had any issues.


We always seem to book our WDW vacations during hurricane season.

If it rains it rains… but it the best time of year for us


I am just going to put this out there…

You haven’t lived until you ridden Splash Mountain in a hurricane.

Just saying.


Actually, they close the parks if there is going to be a hurricane…