If you want luggage, heads up


If anyone has been wanting Disney luggage, stalk your local TJ Maxx. I spotted these two styles today. I didn’t stop to check the price (oops), but they were the hard case style and looked cute.

(This was also an excuse to say ‘Hi!’ :closedeye)


Aww, that’s so cute!


Just so happens this very day I was looking at some luggage.
NOw this intriguing
We live in Canada no TJ MAXX here
ROAD TRIP to buffalo is in the works

Not that were planning a trip to the World any time soon
But hey you never know when Disney may be calling us to visit and we need to be prepared


I’m going there at lunchtime today, if they have any I’ll look at the prices!


I like those very much especially the smaller one. We have TK Maxx here, same company just the UK version, Hmm maybe we’ll get them? hope so!


I was so mad! Someone I know’s TJ Maxx in Michigan had ADORABLE Disney inspired precious moments figurines, so I like RAN to mine, and they didn’t have any! Womp womp! But these are cute. I use my two little kid Disney suitcases, Ariel and Buzz Lightyear! haha. Plus, a regular adult one!


Hey Kipster! good to see you out and about.


I was just at Marshall’s and they had the dark blue one for $75.00 :wub:


Marshall’s and TJMaxx are the same company, so if you don’t have a Maxx, try Marshall’s!


Wha? I was at TJMAxx today…no Disney luggage:( I’ll have to keep a look out!


Going to Marshall’s tomorrow!!


Hi Kippage!!!


adorable ~ love them!!

oh…and HI back!


Very cute!


The downside to living in the Uk…:frowning:


Yep- our TK’s wont have them will they?:crying:


LOVE the mickey head one! Good find. Thanks for posting it.