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Disney Auditions: Parade Performers, Princess Look A Likes, and Puppeteers needed. Musician and Actors too! :mickey:


sounds like fun, but why would they need princess look- a- likes? HA!


Get your dancin shoes on! I went to this audition once, and the dancing is HARD-- I say this having done tap and ballet for 12 years!


Princess look-alike??? pffff… I AM a princess! :laugh:


so some of these are why we are there…and my DH’s job isnt real ‘secure’ right now (anyone in NEPA or NJ need a computer technician?) sooooo i had this brilliant idea that he could apply for a job at disney…perfect right?!
i thought this part was funny…

‘Mack: Comical male actor to play pirate sidekick to Captain Jack Sparrow. Endearing actor with lots of character, experience in interactive skills, and strong, supportive speaking voice. Sword fighting experience a plus.’:laugh::laugh::laugh::pirate: