If you were a dressed up character


If you got to be a character at WDW…one in a suit of course and one that you had no influence over…what would you be thinking???

Here are you choices…



I voted “Other”…I would be thinking, “Hallelujah! This is a dream come true!” :wub:

Haha. Even if I was just standing there, I’d be happy. :biggrin:


Okay Baloo, I’m just dying to know…how long do you spend thinking up these polls?? :laugh: You come up with some great stuff!


To be honest with you…it just takes a minute or two to think of the theme and then the options come like rain in April…I find it to be a lot of fun!


I voted “I’m sooooooooo popular” eat it up, Stitch!

of course, Baloo, I don’t have the luck of the Irish like you do, so I’d probably end up as Tweede Dum…


I am not lucky all the time~but I try


other…I have to be the luckiest person in the world. I get to pretend to somebody else for 8 (+ or -)hours a day. Now if I could only get paid alittle better.


Um, since I kind of “do” this for a living and I have these thoughts pop in my mind everyday I’m out doing my job, do I get to vote? LOL Actually, let’s add another option: This is the hardest, heaviest, hottest, most difficult, painful and otherwise frustrating job I’ve ever done in my life, and yet, I LOVE EVERY SECOND OF IT!!! WHY!!!


I voted “Eeewww this kids smells and his mom doesn’t know how to use a camera!” Being a teacher and working with kids all day, they tend to get a bit smelly when outside in the heat. And having been in line to greet characters, I have seen quite a few moms who have trouble working their camera!


Well, naturally, I’d want to be a princess…


tough one… I could vote for several… but i said at least im part of the disney magic


I’d want to be Belle really badly, and I’d probably end up being stuck inside Ursula tied to a float!


okay I have to know What do you do?


I’m the lone dork that voted for ‘could be raining’…


Could be raining.
Quick! Knock on wood before that storm cloud gets here!


You know what would be a great reason with working at Disney…is that the people you meet are all happy and hopefully stress free from the everyday life and you have a chance to be part of making people happy and creating an enjoyable trip for them and their families. :mickey:


I confess I AM one of those Moms that can’t use their camera right!!! The darn thing doesn’t flash when it’s supposed to, I forget to advance it, etc. I can figure out a million dollar budget for work , but cannot master a disposable camera! Go figure!