If you were CEO of Disney


what would you do?

what i would do if i were CEO of Disney is i would change the prices of everything: park tickets, hotel rooms, food, souvenirs, everything to make it all cheaper. i figure, cheaper prices means more people.


If I were CEO I would want to spend the money and have the monorail stop and all 4 parks. Making people wait for crowded buses just doesn’t seem Disney like.


oh yes. extending the monorail to all four parks and even to the water parks. i would also have buses set up to go strictly to the hotels to make hotel hopping easier for people.


WHOA… there… more people… are ya kidding me???
I want to go when there is LESS people!


well yeah, less people is great but at the same time, those high prices would be keeping people like us away from WDW. i wouldn’t drop the price to a ridiculous amount. i’d maybe cut 15 dollars off the current price.


If I were CEO I would give every member of mouse buzz a free trip to Disney World with passes, food, drink and free merchandise.:laugh:

I wish!!

But really, i would update MGM-Studios with new rides and attractions, reopen and update the ‘wonders of life’ pavillion in Epcot.

Introduce a new parade into Epcot.

There are many things I would do. I have spent many hours thinking about it :blush:



another thing i would do is i would make a new hotel and have it designed like a palace. the rooms would resemble the rooms of disney princesses.


i would develop a “frequent flyer” plan. you get discounts and upgrades based on the frequency of your visits. i have thought about that for an extremely long time. i think that they do the majority of their business on repeat guests, and that deserves a reward. every time i make reservations or i’m at a resort they ask how many times you’ve been there. what’s the point if you’re not going to do anything constructive w/ that info?

and i love the monorail idea too, i love the monorails :wub: - have i mentioned this, too much, perhaps? maybe??!! lol :laugh:


Raise wages for Cast Members. :slight_smile: Especially for those unsung hero’s in Quick Service Food and Beverage, Outdoor Foods and Custodial.

Also bring in a new version of the Indiana Jones ride to the Disney-MGM Studios, and try to time it with the opening of the new movie. (Well soon to be Disney-Hollywood Studios)

I would also try to focus on quality animation, with quality soundtracks. Perhaps doing everything possible to bring back some of the incredible song writers who struck gold in the 90’s.

I think that exploring the possibility of Nemo on Broadway would be fun too.




Great idea…I vote floridaorange19 to be CEO of Disney.:laugh:


i am humbled :blush: and i will take the job in a new york minute, lolol :laugh:


Just don’t forget us Mousebuzzers when you do:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


rest assure, y’all will get the red carpet service that you derserve :mickey: mousebuzzers :wub:


I agree with DayDreamer - extending the monorail would be # 1 for me.

I would also spend money refurbishing the “ambiance” and “theming” of some of the areas that are feeling a little run-down or inconsistent. (Mainly Epcot and some Magic Kingdom) Animal Kingdom has spoiled me in terms of theming, and ever since it opened it bugs me just a tiny little bit that it has perfect, consistent theming throughout, where the others don’t to the same degree.

I know, it’s weird.


Yahoo! I am so with you on this one . . . something ANYTHING . . . for “Frequent Flyers” I always say to them . . . why do you want to know how often I’ve been? And they always say, “We just wanted to welcome you home!” :blink:


another thing i would do is i would have some more character meals, but this time with different character meals. i would have some for the boys. they are left out of the character meal fun.


Very well said! I also feel more could be done for DVC’ers.They should reward all who support them most,returning guests!!


Have a suite built in Magic kingdom for my family.:mickey: :tongue: :genie:


I will be CEO of Disney… we’ll see what needs to be done when the time comes.

(hey, it doesn’t hurt to dream, does it?)