If you were gonna stay


at the Polynesian in a MK view…which long house would you request??? Meaning…which do you think has the best view, location, quietest…etc.:happy:


What do you care? You’re in California


A girl can plan, can’t she?


I know Tonga and Hawaii have castle views, not sure which others. I was going to suggest you look at Tikiman’s Poly site but for some reason it’s down right now. If you do get a chance to look at it, he has lots of info on what rooms in what longhouses have the best views.


We stayed there last year and stayed in Tuvalu and loved it.
Tuvalu has a castle view.So I would say look into this longhouse


I see no countdown. For what, Pray tell, would said girl plan?


sitting back watching the stuff hit the fan
:ph34r: :laugh: :ph34r: :laugh: :ph34r: :laugh: :ph34r: :laugh::ph34r: :laugh:


Yes, I tried to look there as well. Would love to get other MBers opinions as well:happy:


Future planning Bub:happy:


Oh, well, if I’m going to the Poly and getting an MK view, I might as well stay in concierge in Hawaii and really live it up! :happy:


:laugh: :laugh: Yes well…I think living it up in a regular MK view room is what I’ll be happy with. Of course, I could always do suite!:laugh:


I’ve never stayed at the Poly :frowning:
But I’ve heard Hawaii is the best for MK view.


I’d love to do Hawaii, but, if I’m understanding it correctly, that long house is only concierge. Not gonna do the concierge thing this time so…Maybe Tahiti is best of the MK view, non concierge, offered?:huh:


We stayed at the Poly last August and really enjoyed our room in Raratonga. I know it does not have an MK view, but it was perfectly located for us. Being just a few feet away from the Great Ceremonial House which was fantastic. In the morning for getting coffee, danishes or any time for the restaurants and snacks was extremely convenient. It was also the closest longhouse for catching the monorail and really close to the Bus stop. We spent almost all of our evenings on the beach or in the pool to watch the fireworks and enjoy the views from MK.

I can understand wanting a view of MK, it was beautiful. However, we did have a great room for all the above reasons and saved some money for other stuff like a guided fishing excursion and sea raycers. Just something to think about.:biggrin:


You don’t want to get the special treatment on that vacation you’re dreaming up? :blink:
I bet you’ve been calling WDW to make “make believe reservations” :tongue:


I don’t know if they still have the Electrical Parade across the lagoon, but years ago we stayed in Samoa, facing the water. Stood on our balcony and watched the show. Can’t remember if there was a MK view though…Anyhoo, I loved that location.


Best View!


So what is in the unplanned future for which you are planning? Or is there a plan for which you plan?
I think you should just stay at Cinderella’s pad.


Yes that would get my vote too. Cinderella’s place. :):happy: Since you are just “planning” right now.

You might even meet prince charming…

:wink: :whistling


Now that would be an interesting twist