If you win MB Member of the Month, which prize would you be most excited about?


We started a new Member of the Month contest today, with prizes!

Member of the Month Contest

If you were to win, which prize would you be most excited about?


I picked the $50 Disney gift card but the MOM avatar is also a nice thing to let people know who won


I’m mercenary. :laugh:


A special MOM title for the privaliged.


I picked the gift card because who wouldn’t love a disney gift card, but any would be neat!!


um - no brainer… gift card LOL!!! the avitar is a cute idea too


The gift card!! The avatar is going to be fun but my picture on the front page???:eek:

Off to post crazy stuff so I have no chance of winning!!!


Gift card!!!


A pic of MY choosing on the MB front page for all ‘buzzers’ to see for a WHOLE MONTH!!! No question this is the one!!!

Prezcatz Paul


OH I :heart: LOVE:heart: Disney GC . . . I ask for them for all my holidays, birthday, Mother’s Day, Xmas, etc. etc. It would be FUN to be the highlight of the month though!! :blush: :blush:


I couldn’t help myself, I picked the gift card. Much like DisneyTeacher, I would not want my face out there for all to grin at :laugh:
I have a special avatar created for me by R2G.


I guess I’m going to have to be bad but at least I’ll have company! :laugh:


I would be lying if I said anything besides the gift card, so I voted gift card…who doesn’t like $50 to spend on a trip to the world?


Since I prefer to remain incognito, I’d take the gift card and spend it on something for JUST ME on our next trip!


As much as I love the idea of all the prizes, if I had to pick one thing it would be the gift card… I could buy myself something extra special in WDW and remember that it came from my friends at MB


I had to answer truthfully and say the gift card. Im not a fan of being in the spotlight but having a little extra to put to the trip would be great.


I can see from the poll results that you buzzers are in it for the cash! I’m SHOCKED. :eek:

Finding zombies? Come on Boss…that’s been REAL easy lately! Even a caveman can do it. :laugh:


I could say… I would just be a happy to be nominated… but … I would take the gift card.


I voted gift card. But like many of our children would ask… can we have the gift card AND our picture on the front page?? :happy:


Always take the money!!