If your missing Disney,here is just a piece of magic


Listen to Wishes as you creat your fire works:heart:

WDWLIVE Create Your Own Walt Disney World Fireworks Show Over Cinderella Castle


My wife says THANK YOU, THANK, THANK YOU. Her favorite part of Disney is :cheshire:WISHES:goofybounce:


I love the music and the whole thing is awsome!


Thanks. That sure is a treat!:laugh:


Here is Epcot. I love it!!!:heart::heart:

WDWLIVE Create Your Own Walt Disney World Fireworks Show Over EPCOT’s World Showcase Lagoon


That was so much fun! Thanks for the link!


one more,I love this song.

WDWLIVE Create Your Own Animal Kingdom Fireworks Show


That is so cool!! Thanks for the Disney fix! :wub:


You all are very welcome. I do think it fixes us all for now.


That is VERY cool. I needed that!


Thanks!!! Really needed a WDW escape on another cold, snowy day in Cleveland!


Brrrrr!!! You are welcome. I know what you mean. We need all the fixens we can got in this winter.:laugh:


Perfect when we need our Disney fix! Thank you!!!


Thanks for the link! My kids enjoyed it as well!!:heart:


Thanks for sharing I need a little Disney fix today


That is very neat but I started doing it and it scared my dog!!


:mickey::cool:My wife can now get her Wishes fix. Thank You.:mickey::cool:


Thanks for the plug MouseMom :slight_smile:

For those interested, here is a full list of all the fireworks you can currently create …

Fireworks over Boardwalk Resort
Fireworks over Animal Kingdom’s Tree of Life
Fireworks over EPCOT’s Spacehip Earth
Fireworks over Magic Kingdom (Contemporary view)
Fireworks over Cinderella Castle (Christmas view)
Fireworks over Cinderella Castle (Main Street view)


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Believe it or not I have never seen any fireworks at WDW well that I was old enough to remember


I just played the whole wishes and did fireworks to it. I loved it!