if you could have any room in all of WDW (including resorts) become your bedroom from now on, which room would you choose?

my first choice is the Swiss Family Treehouse … after thinking about it …the whole Tree for my bedroom :pirate:


Let’s see…it would have to be down there in the Briar Patch on the Riverboat!!


ohh that would make and awesome bedroom!!!


My first choice would be the room that I celebrated my honeymoon in the WL second choice would have to be the castle I just love those windows


I would like to have The SUPER suite at the AKL that over looks the savannah. I love waking up to animals…other than my two dogs and my DD…lol I’m kidding about the DD part.


O.k let’s get creative, I would knock down most of the walls of the top floor of the GF and turn it into a massive aparment with glass all around it so there is a view from every room and angle. :tongue:


Hmmm I like your thinking. I am going to steal that idea and do it for my AKL room. :tongue:


I would love to live in the castle. There would be nothing like waking up in the middle of the Magic Kingdom every morning.


I would love to live in (or even just visit) Walt’s old apartment on Main Street in Disneyland. It would just be so special to be there! sigh :wub:


just remember people who have glass bedrooms should not dance nude on the piano


Hey - that’s what I was going to say - cause I’m a Castle-kinda girl.

Ok - I’ll share.


Hmmm. I think I would have to say the LOBBY of the Wilderness Lodge. This way I would have a nice HUGE fireplace to curl up next to, the little babbling brook and little bridge inside could be the entry way to the shower in my private bathroom. I would close off the entire “check-in” desk and turn it into a huge walk-in closet.

Sounds perfect to me! Where do I sign?


That’s exactly what I was thinking. I just LOVE that lobby!


Since the castle seems pretty full already, I’ll take one of the rooms upstairs in the buildings on Main Street! That way I can have a GREAT parade view, people-watch and enjoy all the lights at night, and then wake up and walk downstairs right into the MAGIC KINGDOM!!! weeeeee! :happy:


Hmmmm SSE…yes the whole thing would be my bedroom. I might have to install a kitchen, living room, bathroom, and some guest rooms in my bedroom…naw I’ll put all that in M|S



I will take the presidential suite at WL I loved it when I saw it.


I would love for my house to be The Great Ceremonial House at The Poly!!! Of course, I would keep the gorgeous waterfalls, plants and birds. I would also keep 'OHANA…and I would share it with other WDW guests, too, I suppose… :happy: