Ikea coming to Orlando


Looks like FLA is finally getting an Ikea…

IKEA to build Orlando megastore
Orlando Business Journal - May 23, 2006
IKEA, a Swedish retailer of home furnishings, plans to build its second Florida store on a 22-acre parcel in the southeast corner of The Mall at Millenia in Orlando.

IKEA did not reveal the cost of the project. Officials indicated the store would employ about 400 people when open.

Plans call for construction to begin following permitting approvals from the city of Orlando, likely later this summer, with a fall 2007 opening. The announcement about the store came at a press conference on Tuesday attended by Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer.

The huge 310,000-square-foot retail center will sell 10,000 items showcased in three model homes and 50 room settings, a supervised children’s play area and a 300-seat restaurant serving Swedish specialties. There are 1,200 parking spaces planned for the store.

IKEA has 236 stores in 34 countries, including 27 stores in the United States. At present, the closest to Orlando is located in Atlanta, with plans for a third store in the southeastern U.S. opening next summer in Sunrise, in South Florida.

The company says it plans to open three to five stores a year in the United States.



WOAH!!! I had been wondering the WHOLE time while living in Florida why they didn’t have an Ikea! It’s about time!!


Beware anyone who’s never shopped in an Ikea before. Get your walking shoes on! They “kidnap” you within the store. They make it so you “follow the arrows on the floor” to help you get through this monsterous building. Little do you know that the arrows lead you further and further in. Each time we asked how to get out, the worker would direct us to follow the arrows. Finally, I told the Ikea worker “get me out now!” She directed me the exact opposite of the arrows, and needless to say, we had four other families follow us out, all discussing how long they had been in there just trying to figure out where the exit was! Will never go there again!


Sorry you had a bad experience…personally I love Ikea about as much as Disney.


haha! Same here! I consider Ikea an entertainment experience. I’ve driven almost an hour to the store nearest us (and remember, in RI, any destination more than 20 mins away requires packing a lunch) several times in the past couple of months.

I may have to include a stop at Ikea with my Disney trips now. :happy:


I LOVE IKEA!!! I’ve bought so much stuff there.

Glad there’s going to be one in FL. However, the one in Atlanta is still closer for me. There goes that excuse… :whistling


OMG!! That is the best store ever! We just got one here a little over a year ago and I have refurnished almost my whole house with furniture from there! I have end tables, the best Entertainment center to go with a big screen tv in the whole world! Dressers, tables, I’m getting ready to buy kids beds there, I have bought blankets, lunch containers. hot pads, plastic kids plates, laundry hampers, lots of other stuff. Oh and they have free childcare! Yeah, I like it a little.


Oh, and a big thank you going out to Tigger. I’m now Ebaying Ikea AND I’m on the Ikea website looking for new stuff so I can make a trip to the ATL. :dry:


Yay for you! The next thing I’m going to buy is the CD DVD holder that looks like a dresser, only flatter.


I L :heart: VE Ikea!!! I got this TV armoire for my Living Room a while ago and I get so many compliments on it!!! It was only $249!!!



No No No No No No No NO NO NO NO NO NO NO:noo:…ths is an evil shop,:ninja: my car knows it own way there! My Girls have both had new bedrooms since it opened here in Glasgow and not to mention my lounge and dining room have both had the Ikea treatment! I have been looking at an Ikea kitchen too! :crying:

MY DH has to drag me passed the door! :pinch: Now I have to tell him there is going to be one at Disney too! :tongue:


I love IKEA too, but I haven’t been to the one that opened up here last November yet. The traffic problems it caused for thos who live near it have kept me away. Hope the one in Orlando is better planned out, and far enough away from WDW not to cause a problem.


I’m glad that I’m not the only one that loves Ikea!

I know that some people don’t like how it is laid out but I really like walking thru all the rooms esp. the kitchens. I have gotten so many great ideas there.

My favorite part of visiting is stopping by the cafeteria and getting the managers special. It is like Christmas dinner (yes I am the grandson of Swedish immigrants)! Anyone else like lingenberries? I’ve got a big gallon tub of it at home from my last trip to Ikea.

(oh my home office is almost all Ikea…)


Yay Ikea! I have to drive 4 hours to get to one. I sure do wish one was closer because once I drove all that way to find out they were out of stock of what I needed. Bummer.

PS, I never found it hard to find the exit. :huh:


Isn’t that the BEST? You get an hour ALL TO YOURSELF!!! Wooo-hoo! Par-tay! :laugh:

Love love love Ikea.

Hmmmm. I broke a wooden spoon yesterday. I know the PERFECT place to go to replace it… :laugh:


I live in Michigan and we are getting our first IKEA on Wednesday June 7. People already have started to line up for the opening!!


Oh my goodness, are you serious! I am way to phobic of crowd masses pressing in to want to be anywhere near that store for at least 2 weeks!


Oh dear! I don’t think I’d go THAT far! LOL


Serious! It Was On The News This Morning Five People With Tents Camped Out Last Night Because The First So Many People Are Getting Chairs! The News Media Says That By Wednesday Morning The Line Should Wrap Around The Building And The Traffic… I Feel So Sorry For The People That Live In That Area!


A lot of times when they open a store, the first however-many number of people get a generous gift card. So it can be worth it! (Not that I’d do it. I like to know where the bathroom is! :laugh:)