Il Mulino NY Trattoria


We just tried this new restaurant in the Swan a couple of days ago. I was wow-ed by the whole experience. Very trendy, upscale place. Beautifully decorated and furnished. Extremely attentive service. The food was out of this world. Truly the best meal I have ever had at Disney.

The meal started off with the “free appetizer” which was a plate of roasted eggplant in an olive oil tapenade and hard sausage slices served with crusty breadsticks of assorted varieties. I could have eaten just that and left happy. :wub:

For an entree, I ordered the Risotto Ai Frutti Di Mare. I have never seen so much seafood on one plate. It was to die for!! :heart: Heaps of shrimp, scallop, calamari, scungilli, clams, mussels and probably some others that just blended in. And I’m from New England, so I’m normally pretty picky about seafood.

My friend ordered the spaghetti Carbonara. She was blown away by her meal as well. (I’m so sorry now I didn’t bring my camera to take some pictures)

Our servers were all extremely attentive, even going so far as to replace my napkin when I got up to use the restroom. They checked everything and there was always someone within eyesight. The manager came over to ask us how everything was and walked past unobtrusively several other times.

Then after our meal we were way too full to try any desserts, but they brought out their own limoncello in a small keg and ladled it out for us, like we were in a European restaurant.

And it was FABULOUS!! :eek: The best I have ever tried.

Over all, this restaurant was a delight for all the senses and I highly recommend it.


Wow! Sounds fabulous ddoll! I’m so glad, because WDW really needed a good Italian restaurant. Alfredo’s never did a thing for us.

I love attentive waiters!:wub: Especially Italian ones.:laugh:


Yes I argree with you Doll,we had an excellent
meal at Il Mulino! Miles away from Alfredo’s!
Very big and good portions, great service and
its a great room! Doll did you have the spicey
garlic bread?:ohmy: April 15th can’t come fast


Sounds wonderful!! Is there a proper “dress code” for this restaurant?


Not really, the resort casual would be in
affect I think.


Good to know ddoll! We will be putting it on our list for the next visit!


Thanks for the review ddoll. Sounds fantastic!


ddoll, I am so happy to hear this place is great. We have eaten at the one in New York City, and it was fabulous… I would have bene heartbroken if the Disney location wasn’t as terrific!!! Bravo!


We love to go for appetizers and cocktails. Their flatbreads are great. And they have marvelous desserts too. Our favorite pairing is one of their flatbreads…over to Kimono’s for sushi then back to Il Mulino’s for Tiramisu. For us, it’s a great evening!!!



Now that is a great night!


Sounds wonderful , thanks for the review. We are still trying to decide on our grown up night out and that’s one restaurant that’s in the mix.