I'll be ok, as long as


Southwest does not go bankrupt!!! I waited about a week too long to buy insurance for our July trip, and the only thing they won’t do is pay if they do indeed go bankrupt. Thats a pretty good bet huh? I don’t think I have heard of them doing poorly? We shall see! :pinch:


Don’t ya just love how these HUGE, multi-million dollar company’s use bankruptcy to get out of paying their debt, and then they run off with the loot… God Bless the U.S.A., right? :wacko:

Well, I sure hope they don’t go under…at least until after your trip… After that, who cares… :wink:


You’ll be fine Franco! I never even thought of buying travel insurance. The only part of my trip I have to pay for ahead of time is the flight, and we got such a deal. Southwest is in pretty good shape. They’ll still be there.


Yes, I think we will be ok. I started buying insurance on our last trip and I think its a good idea, it cost me $20.00 a piece. You never know whats going to happen.


I think that’s why I didn’t do it. Most trips I do I make reservations piecemeal, and most can be cancelled up to 24 hours in advance. There are 4 of us, so $80 to insure the $540 in airfare that I would lose just seemed like a lot. If I had to pay for the whole trip I would definitely consider it.

Relax, I promise you it will be fine!


I can understand your reasoning about not buying insurance,but if you ever go on a cruise,BUY THE INSURANCE!! If in the middle of the trip you have to fly home,that’s covered. If you don’t buy insurance,you have to pay for that.


It’ll be ok franco! Southwest has been doing pretty well. No worries. :cool:


Yes, no worries Franco. Southwest is doing really well!


As far as I know, SW is doing pretty well.


Ever since an airline lost our luggage some years ago, when we took our cruise, we always buy it! We were able to go into our ports of call, buy clothing, and then were reimursed $60 per person, per day for the clothing. We only bought sale priced clothing and ended up making a few bucks out of it in the end…and we got our luggage back. :wink: