I'll let you into a secret ..... shhh, don't tell anyone!


I really wanted to do the Discovery Cove dolphin swim with the kids but at $289 plus tax ($308) each for 6 of us, it worked out way out of reach at almost $1,850 BUT, I discovered that if I purchased a one-year Seaworld ticket for $132 inc. tax (could be for Busch Gardens or Aquatica if preferred) then I was able to book up to 6 Discovery Cove tickets for the bargain discount price of $169 plus tax. Isn’t that amazing??? A saving of around $700, over $100 each. This includes breakfast and lunch, plus your dolphin swim, so really then becomes doable and a fair price. As the original purchaser of a 1-year Seaworld ticket, I get free entry into Seaworld and other 5 guests in our party get an $8 discount on that entry fee too, PLUS free parking at the parks, which can be $12 or $13 a day. There are blackout dates, ie the Summer dates are blacked out until 22nd August, but that suited our party just fine to pop the dolphin swim in at the end of the trip.
If this information helps just one other Mouse Buzzer to see Discovery Cove when they may not have been able to afford it otherwise, then I am very happy to share it. You will have to call Discovery Cove to purchase your 1-yr ticket, but the lovely agent can also book your dolphin swim at the same time. You cannot buy any other tickets eg for Seaworld until your receive your 1-yr passport in the post as you need the barcode to go online to book. Please allow around half an hour on the line to process this whole thing. I just did it and I am a very happy Mouse-Buzzer!
(It becomes more viable with a party of 6 because of course you do have to still purchase your other park tickets. If there are only 2 or 3 of you, it may not work out any cheaper for you since the normal Discovery Cove price of $289 (plus tax) would also give you entry in Seaworld for one day. I have to buy this in addition, but it still works out loads cheaper for us. Please bear in mind also that the prices you see online do not include tax, I had forgotten this, so it does cost a lot more than you think, over $300 per ticket).


I don’t think I’d ever do the swim (might have something to do with, if I put on a wet suit, someone’s child will yell, look mommy a whale that walks on lands :pinch: :biggrin:), but I’m sure somebody will find that info very interesting (the savings part, not the whale part). Thanks for passing it along.


Wow, thanks! I just copied your post and saved it. :laugh: It might help in the future!


Great tip for making good savings- and you’ll love it there its such an awesome experience.


Thank you so much!! You have helped one MBer! The trip we are going on in a few weeks was originally going to be a non-disney trip to see the other sites in Orlando, including Discovery Cove…but after figuring out the cost of Seaworld, Discovery Cove and Universal it was $$$. Then a friend who’s not been to Disney in 11 years decided to join us so we scrapped that plan and decided 12 nights in Disney would be fun!..BUT next year we still want to do other orlando attractions! and that would be great! Thank you for sharing I hope they are still offering it next year!!!


great find! I have always wanted to go there with the family yet it is always out of our budget. I wish I can take advantage of this wonderful secret you found. Good for you!


Great to know…thanks


Great tip! That will definately be a must-do one day with our kids when they’re a bit older! Thanks so much for sharing!