I'll see you at Disney!


This will be my last post before I hit the road tomorrow for Orlando. Thank you to everyone who has given me tips, advice and loads of encouragement!!! As soon as I can I’ll post where I’m working. I’m off!!!


:biggrin: :pirate: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :biggrin:


Here’s wishing you a magical experience!:flowers:


Good Luck and Have Fun!!


Have a great trip!


Best of luck to you! You are going to have a blast…enjoy!


Good luck and have a great time!!! :slight_smile:


Good luck Valerie. Enjoy every moment.


You are so lucky. Have a great time and enjoy this experience!


YAY! Have loads and loads of fun! Make sure to post all about it when you get the chance to get on here!

:flowers: :flowers: :mickey: :biggrin: :cool:


are u gonna be stayin in chatham? i think im stayin there from 10th Sep!


Best of luck getting settled Valerie! Let us know where you end up, I hope to say hello to you in October :mickey:


Have a great time working in orlando.

Let me know where you are, we are arriving on the 16th of September


good luck and savor every moment- you will never be able to duplicate this experiance!!


Hve a great time.


How exciting!! I wish you the best of luck…have fun!


Best of luck. Don’t forget us once your down there!


Valerie, first off have a safe trip!

Second, look forward to hearing where you are so maybe DW and I can stop by to meet you while we are there in a couple of weeks.


Hi Everybody!!

I’m at the Hampton Inn in Valdosta Georgia today. They had free internet access!!! The drive today went very smooth, no traffic, great weather. Tomorrow I’ll be arriving at the Double Tree at Downtown Disney. I won’t check into the college program until Monday the 21st. I don’t know which apartment complex I’m going to be staying in yet, but I hope I get Chatham. I’ll keep you posted!!!


Congrats!! It seems like you’re having lots of fun already!!! :mickey:


The best of luck! I’m there next month…so let us know where we can stop by to say HELLO. :slight_smile:

I’m happy for you! You’ll be great!