IllumiNations in May...?


I’m sure this has been posted before, but I couldn’t find the topic when I ran a search.

When is Disney implementing their new Epcot fireworks show? My friend and I have planned to go to Epcot when we’re there in May, and I hope they won’t be “between” shows at that time. =(

I checked the Disney website and they didn’t have any rehabs going on in Epcot in May…just thought I’d double check. =)


From what I can gather, Reflections of Earth is continuing.
It’s now probable that some of the rumors about “Skywatch” had more to do with the special 25th birthday tag that they ran just the one time on the actual birthday and never again. It’s still possible, and logical that Reflections of Earth will be retired in the near future as it is now running in it’s 9th year. But I think for now it’s best to look at Skywatch as computer gamers look at the release of Duke Nukem Forever (now 9 years late) “when they’re ready, they’re ready” and be comfortable in the knowledge that Don Dorsey always tops himself with each next fireworks show.


Just echoing what Soundgod said. No worries, Illuminations will be there.


Awesome, thanks guys!