Illuminations name change rumor


:mickey: i heard a rumor that illuminations show will changed name to skydance. go to they have this details about the rumor of the illuminations.:mickey::angel:


That’s interesting. I’m gonna have to check this out…


Yeah…thanks for the info!


Skydance?! Aw…I liked IllumiNations. I hate it when they change names. Then again, I hate most change! :laugh:


Skydance sounds so silly!!! They can’t do away with the name ILLUMINATIONS…it just makes sense! IllumiNATIONS…what is the relevance of SKYDANCE to the World Showcase??? I don’t get it… :huh:


Mmmmmmm I thought I heard it was going to change for EPCOT’s 25th in 2007…I wonder if that is what this is about??? :smile:


I don’t mind a change…as long as it’s a GOOD change, and “Skydance” does seem like a cheesy name…


cheese Alert cheese Alert cheese Alert cheese Alert cheese Alert


You said it, girl!!!


I love cheese…just not in my WDW attractions and shows… :laugh:


That is correct. Epcot will most likely recieve a new nighttime spectacular, similar in music with the current Immuminations. “SkyDance” is the rumored title of the new show and it’s rumored to debut in Fall 2007.


my thouuhts exactly., Who has some crackers?


hehe, SKYDANCE?!?!? Who knows, we’ll have to see what happened, I think Illuminations is much more exciting sounding but I am going to be REALLY interested in seeing what’s going to happen for EPCOT’s 25th?!?!


what is skydance is the name of this new nightime entertainment what about the ending please! tell me this is nightime entertainment official.:mickey::confused::angel:


…wait, Epcot is going to be 25?

…my BROTHER is going to be 25!!! :eek:

DANG he’s old!


Skydance?! Skydance?!..What th’?!

Y’know, when something works (i.e. Illuminations!) don’t mess with it! :pinch:


Wow, I learned a lot by reading that site. Thanks for sharing!


if you think of it in this way :::::::::: hey lets go and watch Illuminations::: its sound exciting but :::::::::::::::;;; lets go to sky dance !!!

no it doesnt sound as good as Illuminations


what is heck is sky dancer?:confused::mickey:


sky dancer is the new name for Illuminations