Illuminations: Reflections of Earth leaving?


Hey Everyone,

I had a quick question for anyone. I wont be visiting WDW anytime soon, most likely not again until I go with DisneyGuru in a few years…SO to my question, Does anyone know if Epcot plans to remove Illuminations anytime soon? I was wondering because I just hope it will still be showing when I visit in a few years. Thanks. :smile:


Well, I haven’t heard not even one single rumor that points towards this. Now, this doesn’t mean that it won’t happen, but at least I haven’t heard any rumblings…

I hope it’s there for a LONG time. It’s spectacular…


Not a peep heard here, but you never know with the powers that be in the Land of the Mouse…


The only thing I heard was a “Special Update” for the 25th of EPCOT. :smile:


Illuminations hasn’t really been changed since 2001. I’m going to go out on a limb here. I don’t think they’ll be changing Illuminations anytime soon.


YES! Isnt it wonderful?! I have only had the privelage of seeing it 3 times and it was AWESOME. Im very happy to hear there have been no rumors of it leaving (I didnt think there would be but I just wanted to be sure :wink:) Thanks everyone! :smile:


Oooooooooh… Sounds awesome! Where’d ya hear that?


I believe I saw it over at last week sometime.


I hope it’s not leaving. I love Illuminations. Eventually something is going to have to be updated I am sure though.


I read a rumor recently, but I can’t recall where.

I haven’t seen Illuminations since 2001. I hope to see it again. I can’t imagine any need to change it.


I can’t wait to see this show. I downloaded the soundtrack from it and I listen ALL the time! :smile:


Maybe it was a recent TR, because I just read one a few days ago (can’t remember who’s) and they had mention seeing it before it goes away.


You might have heard that the inferno barge blew up, which is true. Right now, the fire balls at the beginning of the show (probably the most impressive part of the show) are not there since the barge malfunctioned and needs repair, but the rest of the show remains intact.


I wish that they would bring back more of the lasers. Pre-2001,the show had many more lasers,which were spectacular to me!!


It was in Tinkerbelle67 TR post # 19, maybe she has heard something…Have you Tink?


Wasn’t there a thread on this recently?

was away this weekend


i just read in the that the illumnations reflections of earth will be leaving for a 25th birthday of Epcot. Please tell me the name of the new illumnations show in epcot.