Illuminations viewing


I know the Rose & Crown is a great place to get an ADR and stay at your table for Illumiations. We did this last year.

Do any of the other resturants have this or any viewing from their tables?



I like to watch Illuminations from the outdoor tables at the counter service in Mexico. Some of the tables have obstructed views because of trees. This is by no means the best spot to view Illuminations from, but it’s kind of become a tradition with me.


I’ve heard that Bistro de Paris has a great view from their tables (upstairs from Chefs de France). Maybe Mitsokoshi Teppanyaki?


This is a thread I’ll be keeping my eye on, too. I’m wondering the same thing. How is the area by the bridge near the walkway that takes you to Boardwalk?


This is usually a great viewing area, but it goes quickly. You usually have to stake out a spot an hour or so in advance.