Iluvwdw... do you have something you want to share with the class?


Hmm, just wonderin’? I noticed your new title and all, not to mention you just returned from a trip, you seemed very happy about the low BLT dues in one thread, etc… Are you droppin’ some hints on us? Hmmm, HMMMMMM? :biggrin:


YES!!! I dragged DH to a presentation on our last morning there (literally right before we hit the road to drive home!!!) and after seeing the proximity of Bay Lake Tower that week, he was intrigued. Didn’t hurt that he also LOVED AKL!!!

So…we are the proud owners of 320 BLT points that we won’t be able to use for like 2 years!!! HA!!! :laugh: I agreed to rent them for 2009 and 2010, to help defray some of the costs. But hey…we will be able to use them EVENTUALLY!!!

So…anyone want to rent some SSR points and BLT points for next year?


Congrats! Welcome Home!


Congrats Kim!!! :smile:
That is great news for you!!!


Congrats!!! Welcome home!!!


That’s AWESOME!! Congrats!!!


YAY!! Congrats! Did you get to take advantage of all those crazy amazingly awesome incentives?


Welcome home!


Congrats to you!!! :heart:


YAY!!! I can honestly say that for as long as I’ve been on Mousebuzz I remember you talking about DVC. I know this is something you’ve been wanting for VERY long!! CONGRATULATIONS! :heart:


You have NO idea. A manager came out when I got there…he knew everything about me since I had been inquiring since 2003! It was SO FUNNY!!!

I am super excited…but nervous, too. 320 points is a lot for us to handle right now, but I will be on the ball trying to rent out my Developer Points for this year and then 2009 and 2010 BLT points as well. :crying: In the long run, it will be GREAT!!!


We bought at BLT so the incentives weren’t as large…but we did get a $5 per point discount, in the way of a Disney Gift Card. That was used towards down payment. We got matching Developer Points to use at SSR, DLR or Interval by 10/3/09. We got two 160 point contracts, and only had to pay about $330 in closing costs. We don’t have to pay Maintanance Fees until September 2009, when BLT opens. We got $60 in Disney Gift Cards, Ice Cream, a Souvenier Photo and a DVC Tote Bag. :laugh: They were gonna give us these awesome VIP Fast Passes, too…but we were leaving and didn’t need them.


Ugh, doesn’t THAT stink!?!! :pinch:


Are you sure you had to pay closing costs & it wasn’t something else? I was under the impression that one NEVER pays closing costs when buying directly through Disney! :huh:


It was like recording of the deeds and stuff…nothing like other timeshares, trust me! :pinch:


We didn’t have closing costs when we bought into DVC, but I’m pretty sure they changed that a couple of years ago. Glad too know they’re reasonable if we ever decide to buy more.


If you ever buy more, there are NEVER additional closing costs. It’s only for the first contract. Yes, these new costs are only these last couple of years (I remember when it was ZERO, too :glare:). But we were told that if we ever add on, Disney will pay all closing costs.


congrats kim!! what great news!!


Just wanted to say my congratulations! Here’s to many years of amazing memories at BLT!


Congrats and welcome home neighbor!!! Well…I’m right down the street. I was a little nervous at first too but it all works out in the end! Congrats!!!