I'm a dork, please, someone say I am not alone!


I am going through serious Disney withdrawals after canceling our Nov trip and moving it to June(looks like DH might deploy then so that may be a no go too :crying: ) I find myself going to the Disneyworld site and clicking on the resorts and parks over and over just to hear the music for each one…I am going to have to do a quickie trip just to MK one weekend soon or I am going to die :mickey:


Big dork, right here.

I love Disney - I go to the sites, too. I like to look at the pics and listen to the music! You are not alone.


I am so pitiful that I havent removed my parking permit for POR from my van. when it comes to Walt Disney World … I am the champ dork


I’ve got my parking permits in a scrapbook! :blush:


Hehe…I use all our stubs, parking, brochures etc to frame the pics from the trip in the photo album.


I’m a huge dork. And I am too far away for a quick trip. :frowning: But next November, watch out.


I had my June Pop Century parking permit in the window when we drove up to check in this last trip … DH reached over and removed it right before the guard came out to the van.


You are not alone, I have every room key going all the way back to 1986. I keep old park pamphlets and resort maps. I keep just about everything Disney. Joe


You are definately not a dork! Last night I watched the Christmas Parade (again)…lol then the planning video.


You are not alone and not a dork…there are some good internet stations at live365.com (search disney – my favorites are park hoppper radio and Sorcerer Radio) there is also this site:


Which is also a good place to get a fix.

Hope that helps!


I’ve got your Disney Dork right here…I’ve been having withdrawals for a while nowlike say, 2 years!


don’t call yourself a dork. we all do things to get us into the Disney spirit whether we’re going to WDW or DL or not. just think positively, you’re going to WDW in a few months. that’s a great thing to say, “I’m going to WDW in a few months!!”
i’ve been getting myself set for WDW for some time now. i was just telling my nieces the other day all the rides and shows and things to do in WDW and they were thrilled beyond belief. nora kept asking about a space ship ride and I told her about the buzz lightyear ride. she’s a big buzz lightyear fan. when i told her about the ride and that buzz is there, she jumped up and down with joy! frances sat on my lap with her wet bathing suit just thrilled to hear about the tea cups, the characters, and everything in between. what a great feeling it was to tell them what they’re going to see and do down there in a month.
anyway, don’t call yourself a dork. disney is a way of life.


I am the Queen Dork!!! I go to that site all the time just to hear the music!!! I also just ordered a new cell phone solely so I could download Disney ring tones to it!!! :phone: I have been picking out the ring tones all afternoon!!! :blush:

So I am right there with ya!!! :happy: :wink:


Inluv that’s so funny. I downloaded disney ring tones on my phone too. I was so excited when I found out I could do it and got the Tinkerbell screensaver too. I love hearing my phone play, “A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes”. It took me forever to do and DH thougt I was obsessed.


I’m a dork too!!! And proud of it!!! :biggrin: Maybe we should change the name of the site from DisneyCentral to DisneyDorkCentral!!! :laugh:

I too have Disny ring tones. The one I really wanted was the trashin’ the camp from Tarzan. I finally got it one day, I don’t know how. It was never on the list and hasn’t been on there since. I know they change the tones every so often but I think it I really lucked out!! After I loaded it and made sure it was on my phone, I looked again and it was gone from the list!! Very strange!

Jennifer :mickey:


I’m the biggest Disney Dork I know!!!


And proud od it right??? :rolleyes:


So glad you are, mickaholic! And you are in good company with all of us!!!