I'm a little worried


We are traveling with another family this trip. They have been to WDW once before.
We are planning on spending a lot of time apart and meeting up for dinners and some rides together.

What worrries me?
Questions like , “how come we didn’t get the universal passes”, and “I think we are going to do discovery cove while we are there.”
What is discovery cove??

Well, maybe they are the normal ones…


Discovery Cove is something to do with Sea World I think?

Those might be normal “I’m going to Orlando” questions…

I’m glad I don’t have to answer them! :wub:


That shouldn’t be too hard to answer. All ya gotta say is “we only do Disney.” That should just about take care of it… :laugh:


LOL, I know thats the problem. They think all that is Disney :huh:


Ah… Now I understand your problem. The only solution to this is to take your finger and thump them in the forehead while saying “Universal isn’t Disney,” and “Sea World isn’t Disney.” If they still don’t understand, buy Shamu a pair of Mickey ears and just pretend… :wink:


You could take them to MGM, and say “here is Universal STudios!”

and then you could take them to EPCOT, and shove them into the part with the aquarium (I’ve never been, so help me out)

and say “Welcome to Discovery Cove!”

and since they think Univeral/Discovery Cove is part of Disney, they should pretty much eat that up!



Erin, you’re automatically disqualified for referring to Epcot. Until you go, you aren’t even allowed to refer to Epcot in your posts, unless of course you are asking us “When should I go to Epcot?” :tongue:

With that said…
Buzz, Erin has some good ideas there. :wink:


I’m not gonna hijack this thread with a comment to you, Dew Drop…I can rise above it!

Buzz - maybe you should get one of those tourist-y Orlando maps…to kinda give them a visual!


I definitely understrand your concerns.
Have you discussed an itinerary at all?
Maybe they do not know all of the things there are to do at WDW?
I mean since they have only been once they couldn’t have seen it all.


My friend Geri has been to FL with me 3 times now and she still gets all the parks mixed up.
“When are we going on the Hulk?”
“That’s Islands of Adventure”
“Oh. What about Shrek?”
“That’s Universal Studios”
“Oh. Are we going to those today?”

If you think about it, it really can be overwhelming. We take all this knowledge for granted sometimes.


I think Ddoll hit the nail on the head. We do know so much about Disney, and we take for granted everyone else does too…

As for Universal, if you are going give them the option, explain that it is seperate from Disney. I would definitely try to iron out an itiniery with them.

Discovery Cove is part of SeaWorld. You actually can swim with the dolphins. I have never done it but I have friends who have and they say it is so cool!!
But it costs like $150 per person per day!!! :pinch:


What ddoll said is absolutely true! Believe or not there are people roaming around out there who don’t have a clue about WDW! Sad - but true.

(Although someday I’d love to try Discovery Cove)


I hear what you are saying Buzz. The worst vacation of my life happened when I went to England/Ireland/Scotland/Wales with a friend, and we had entirely different ideas regarding the trip. No surprise, I had a detailed itinerary and a hectic pace… he just wanted to go with the flow and relax. The trip ended up a disaster.

The only thing you can do is open up the lines of communication. The good thing is that you are already planning alot of time apart. If they want to hit Sea World and Universal… you’ll see them later! :slight_smile:



Well, to take the serious side of the discussion.

I have tried to educate them as much as I could. Sent them itineries, web sites to look at, and I even bought their son the disney for kids, by kids book.

I guess I do take my knoweledge of Disney for granted.

I know what they are paying for the trip and just want to see them have a great time and get some value.
But if hey don’t want to do the research, then there isn’t anything I can do.



Hey Buzz, I think you have done a lot to educate them on all things Disney. Hopefully they will read what you have sent them, and encourage their son to read the book you gave him (by the way you Rock! that was way cool of you!!).

If they are upset about something they have no one to blame but themselves!!


Buzz, it sounds like you’ve done your part to try and get them educated about everything. Apart from forcing them to an itinerary, you’ve done about all you can do. If they don’t want to take what you’ve given them and actually use it to understand where they’ll be spending all their money, then I guess you just might be stuck answering all those questions you dread so much…


But if hey don’t want to do the research, then there isn’t anything I can do. right?

Personally, I think you can talk to them and just set the record straight… You are going to do your intinerary with your family. When they want to join you, great!

My fear would be that they want you to sink your itinerary to go with them to Discovery Cove or Universal… all at the last minute. That forces you to either stick to your guns and make them mad (‘That Buzz isn’t willing to do anything we want to do!’) or you end up compromising your vacation (‘I really didn’t want to swim with the dolphins, I’d rather be riding Small World!’).



FYI Universal Studios is offer an online special buy two adult 2 day passes for $99.00 each and get two kids passes for free. Plus an extra 3 days for everyone…sounds like someone is hurting for attendance!


Universal??? What’s Universal???


it’s that place where people who can’t get a job at WDW work.