Im all booked~


Most of ya all know I was having trouble trying to decide which airline to fly out on. Well ya all will be happy to know I decided to book SOUTHWEST air and everything is a go~ Whooohooooo… Now I have to add it to my magical express.


YAY!!! Glad you got it all taken care of. Now you just get to wait. Oh, how fun that is. Well, it will go by quickly!!


Im sooooo excited. Im jumping up and down. Im just so thrilled so far that no money has come out of my paychecks to pay for the trip (yet). Ive sold all my old coach bags I never use. They were just sitting around so I decided to have a yardsale at my desk:laugh: Now I just have to get the ressie paid off and its smooth sailing from there:laugh:


Now thats a nice feeling,knowing you have things all paid without going into debt. Those are the nicest vacations.


Well… I still have a small fortune I owe Disney:laugh: Funny story but when my job decided to cut overtime I had to think of an alt becasue I REFUSE to miss a year of Disney so after sitting in the lunch room hearing people talk of how the soda machine always rips them off and the soda never being cold I decided to go invest in a small cooler and started to sell bottled water,soda and OJ at my desk. I then ventured into chips and candy and SO many people come to me and spend their money with me then the vending machine. The best part is my prices are cheap but enough to where I make
%50 profit so people tell their friends and such so I was able to earn about $500 doing this so far and Im only a month into it:laugh: Crazy I know


OMG, how cool is that. That is very smart thinking. You are a good business woman and know when to act on something quick.


:laugh: thanks~ I work in collections so we have alot of collectors. I feel bad for the vending guy. he doesnt own the machine so I dont feel that bad but before I went into business he came 2 times a day to fill up. now I just see him roll his cart in and out still filled. I just hope he doesnt know I took his business. I would hate for him to know its me. I feel bad but hey… I gotta get to Disney one way or another. :laugh::laugh:


Oh, booking the flight is so exciting! That’s a huge piece of the planning! I’m still hoping for some better flight times.


I couldnt wait to get it over with. Now all I have to do is focus on getting Disney paid off which I hope to have done by the end of next month.


I am seriously considering a quick weekend trip in Sept. We shall see.


Keep in mind (if this matters at all to you) that the Free DDP is only available for stays of at least 5 nights. Here’s hoping you can get a trip in!