Im an Evil Disney Mom! Bwahahaha!


The matching outfits for our trip to WDW have officially been ordered- good thing my kids love me so much they will be happy to wear matching outfits-:wub:

My husband even asked me this morning if I had ordered them yet! :blush:

Thanks for the input…



Yay! Good for you! I may order some for our October trip now!


I have been thinking about ordering them, too!! I just wanna wait and see how much weight I lose before ordering!!

I’m glad you did it, though! That’s too cute!


I am with you on the weight loss thing- I am not losing much but I am reshaping a lot with the pilates (you have to try it - low impact on your joints big impact on the buns/thieghs and belly!)

Do it! I had to order Nicky a small mens shirt though because boys xl were all gone so dont wait too long!


Congrats on the order. I can’t wait to see the family photo (hint hint wink wink):laugh:


Yahoo woohoo! I love the idea, and as I said in the other thread if my DH would do…
I am with Dana, I can’t wait to see a photo :mickey:


My husband would kill me!


Good for you, I can’t wait to see a picture of all of you. Have fun with it!


It will be a lot of fun… we do the “alike” thing alot but never with full outfit type things!


Hey, I love the matching outfit idea! My mom did it to us for Disney trips…:tongue:…and at the time I was mortified, but I love going back and watching the videos now!

Like Disneyland 1995…me and little sis in matching pink Lion King shorts outfits and sun visors! :laugh:


I ordered the make your own t-shirts from the Disney Store It has our last name and date of our October trip. They were on sale I just could not resist. Wait till my family sees them. Now I am in search for our MNSSHP outfits. I am thinking Pirates.


Haha! The only requirement is that MB gets to see a picture! I bet you’ll all look adorable!


Why on earth would you want to make your butt smaller?! :ohmy:


I think the matching outfits are cute, but the only thing that bothers me are those princess dresses.

In the cooler months I guess the dresses are okay, but in July/August?! :eek:


We did the same thing! I can’t wait to post the pictures when I file my trip report!:cool:


I can’t wait to see them! Like I said before, my DH is such a party pooper and won’t even act UNCOOL :cool: on vacation!!! But I think I am DEFINITELY going to buy those Hawaiin outfits for the kids, though! :happy:


Take pics for your trip report.