I'm ashamed to ask but


I gotta ask ! I read somewhere that when you rent a locker in a Disney Park ; [B]the key must be turned in within an hour of the park closing[/B].

Okay so… I’m not sure I understand the meaning of “within an hour”. I tried using an online translator but it’s not helping me to fully understand the meaning. I speak french and I usually understand pretty much everything written in english but this sentence is killing me !!! :blink:

So, from what I understand, it means I could return the key at anytime during the last opening hour. So if the park closes at 9:00PM, I could return the key at 8h59PM and it would be alright. Correct?

And by “of the park closing” do they mean [I]regular operating hours [/I]or are the rental desks remaining open during the extra magic hours too? If the park closes at 9:00PM but extra magic hours are extending it to 11:00PM, could I return the key at 10h59PM? even though the park is “closed” since 9:00PM?

Ohh… I hope everything I wrote makes sense. Sorry for all the confusion :wacko:


I would take it to mean that whatever time the park closes you have one hour to turn it in. So if the park closed at 9pm, you would have to turn the key in no later than 10pm…anyone else?


That is what I was thinking as well.


I’m pretty sure ktcheck is right. If the park is closing at 9pm, you have until 10pm to return the key! If you ask at the rental desk though Im sure they will tell you when you have to have the key retunred by :slight_smile:


Don’t be ashamed!!! I have trouble with how things are phrased sometimes and english is my first language!!! Did you know that Disney.ca has a french information site? My DS uses it to practice his french. Don’t know how much it helps when he has the english one memorized. Not to thread jack but does anyone know how many lagauges the Disney site can be found in?


I have no idea, but I think that you have an hour after the park closes to turn in the key…

About the number of languages… I have no idea either, but my kids love to get the other language maps at he park entrances, and read where to go on there…


Okay so within would mean an hour AFTER the park closing, I really thought it meant BEFORE the park closing, I thought it was weird they asked to return the key before the closing because I imagine a lot of people stay in the park until the very last minute.

I’m on the french Disney website right now and oh boy… it is a very “cheap” version of the official english website haha ! Also they’re not mentionning anything about the key in the “Lockers” section of the website, there’s only the lockers location. But anyway, I will ask the person at the rental desk. Thanks for your answers !! :happy:


Have a great vacation!


that is what I am assuming as well.


Yes, you are correct. First of all that is how it reads and second, they would not make guest come to the front of the park before the park closes.


Yes it makes sense ! Thank you ! :happy:


That was a good question… but really? WDW is STILL using keys?

Disneyland lockers are sooooo superior!


[QUOTE=Andrea;1061766]That was a good question… but really? WDW is STILL using keys?

Disneyland lockers are sooooo superior![/QUOTE]

How do they do it at DL? with the room key or something else shnazzy?


We have stopped by on our way out at closing and they refunded our deposit, so you should be good for that extra hour.


Neverland… hope you have a great trip! We will be there the same time you are! :mickey:


yes this is all correct if the park closes at 9:00 (21:00) you have until 10:00 (22:00) at 10:00 they start to empty/ clear the lockers. I’m not sure what they do with the contents of the locker.
We went to mickeys very merry Christmas a few years ago and were just about the last people in the park- when we got to the lockers the staff were emptying our stuff into bags- they said we were just in time:ohmy::pirate:


Neverland, just wanted to say to have a fun and safe trip and that I LOVE LOVE LOVE your avatar, I loved the movie Tangled :wub:


Universal has had that fingerprint technology for several years, now. Which is great unless the person who’s finger you used goes missing! :laugh:


Oh No!!!:eek:


No fingerprints for DL lockers! Just a code of your own choosing.