I'm baaaaack


It’s been way too long! But we’re planning our next WDW trip and we’re exactly one year out! We’re staying 10 days at BC Villas starting June 11 next year. There will be seven of us, including our two grandkids, they will be ages 5 (boy) and 2 (girl). Planning these trips is half the fun and this one’s going to be a doozy! lol :slight_smile:


Yea! Can’t wait to hear all about your plans.


I couldn’t agree more. I enjoy the planning almost as much as I enjoy the trip.


That sounds wonderful. We just got back from 10 days at Beach Club Villas and loved every minute of it.


Disney Teacher: Any tips you could pass along?


Welcome home! Sometimes I wonder - do we love the planning more than we love the trip?


Bring lots of money. :laugh:

Do you own DVC? I know DVC owners can borrow DVDs at no charge, not sure what the rules are otherwise. But my thought is bring along a DVD or two. They had a cartoon loop running, but I think that is gone except in the lobby. I found keeping the kids busy for a few mins in the morning without bouncing off the wall is good.:happy:


We never ask for any certain room location, we just go with what we get. However, if location is important you could ask for a room close to the main elevators. If you think you’re going to be using the buses a lot (to MK, DtD, and AK) you might want a room close to the end of the building so you can go right out the door at the end of the hallway, you’re right at the parking lot and its a straight shot to the bus stop.

The options at the quick service have improved but it’s very limited.


I love planning a trip to WDW…last night I went to the website and looked into a “what if” trip for August…it’s not going to happen but it’s fun to just think about it…:laugh:


Welcome home to Mousebuzz!! It has been way to long! Happy to see you and cannot wait to see your plans unfold!


1 year to plan…10 days to enjoy! Wow! Sounds great!!!


Family summit next Wednesday to get everyone’s ‘want’ lists. We’ll sift through dining requests and special must-do’s (I know my son and I want to do Keys to the Kingdom tour and DD and I have always wanted to parasail. Son wants to do both water parks, but some are content with Typhoon Lagoon only, etc.)
Of course, we’ll do some things together and break off on separate adventures too … I love this part! lol :smiley:


Well, we had our Disney 2014 family meeting tonight and it’s a go! Going to have to trim it to seven nights at BC Villas because of DS’s firefighter/EMT work schedule, but we’re all pretty excited (duh). Now, the planning fun is next. It will be DGS (5) & DGD’s (1-1/2) first trips. :slight_smile:


Have fun planning…


I am planning Visit this Place. Enjoyable this place!!