Im BAAAACK! for real!


Well since Im done dealing with post partum depression and I have officially booked my next trip (even though I am having issues with making my countdown work… :dry: ) I am back- and hopefully posting more. I have one year to plan but so far this is my new itierarary…

Friday Feb2 we fly in to stay at wilderness lodge (unless I succeed in a miracle and can afford Grand Floridian)
Sat Feb 3 (my birthday) we use the passes we got from all the crappy stuff that happened last trip to go to MK for the day and then the Whoop dee doo for my birthday dinner- Im coming free sangria!! Oh heck yeah! Then back to MK for the fireworks
Sun Feb 4 We get on my most favorite boat in the world and we even have the same cabins as last time!!
Mon,tues,wed,thurs- were cruisin disney style! WooHoo!
Thurs Feb 8 we get off boat and go to check into Boardwalk- use our hoppers to either see Epcot fire works or MK fire works depending on what is avail…
Fri-Sun parks of our choice
Monday we fly home rather Disney’d out…

Can I get a WOOHOO!!! :mickey: :whistling :laugh: :mickey:



Woo hooo!!! Sorry to hear about your post partum depression. Glad to see you are back!

Hehehe, I get a kick out of the miracle and the Grand Floridian. I am waiting for that same miracle!! :slight_smile:


Great plans and…WOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!!


Yay! You have a plan! Glad to hear you’re feeling better!


What would be an even bigger miracle would be staying at the grand floridian and going to the spa for the afternoon by myself… I can dream cant I? No more wishes to burn this time… boooooo- I loved the salt scrub the last time.

The depression hit me like a ton of bricks and I was on zoloft for a while but it made me gain weight really fast so I am off of it now and finding that planning a trip to disney is a great way to cope…he he he



Ugh! You poor thing. Your children are beautiful, by the way. Yes, Disney does definitely help cure what ails you!


Oh mah God you’re back again!!!
(OK, really, that’s only funny if you’re a Backstreet Boys fan… :ninja: )

Glad to see you back WooHoo. Can’t speak for others, but I’ve thought about you many times since you had your baby. Glad you’re doing OK, and are getting back on track. :flowers:

Now… you have an awesome trip lined up!! Can’t wait to hear more about it as your plans finalize. Do you have all of your ADRs picked out?

Oh… Free Sangria? I am sooo crashing your vacation… :tongue:


You cant keep me away…ha ha ha- you are joking about my reservations right??? They have not changed the advance reservations yet have they?? What is funny is we reserved the rooms but no packages since they are not avail to book till June- that is nuts! Its going to take me a full year to pay it off!

Oh and Ill have to find a more recent pic of the kids… Drakey is already 5 mos old!


5 months?! Wow! I still remember you posting that picture of him in your DH’s hands. (At least I think it was you. Or one of the 239837 other pregnant DCer’s at the time… :tongue: )

BTW, I recall someone’s DD was supposed to have surgery… cleft, maybe? Was it yours? If so, did that ever happen? I vaguely remember some hold ups. If not, completely ignore this paragraph and feel free to kick in my direction. :pinch:

ADRs - someone else will have to help you with the specifics, as I haven’t been in FOREVER. But I do know that you can make them earlier now.


WOW!!! you are good!!!
Yes it was me that had the pic of the baby in his hands- he is so much bigger now! LOL
And Yes it is me that has the cleft daughter- who by the way - just found out that her big surgery is finally scheduled for May 19th- we have waited forever to get this date so Im scared but excited all the same. You have an amazing memory!!!


So glad to see you back! And so sorry you had to deal with post-partum depression (you’d think giving birth was enough, wouldn’t you :dry: ) but look at that widdle angel baby!! :wub: Keep us posted on your dd’s surgery - I’m sure everything will work out fine.

Another trip in the works!!! I’ll say it again - WOOHOO!! :biggrin:


Haha! Yeah… I tend to remember way too many details. (Like you, your daughter, and the pregnancy test. :tongue: ) It’s one of my strong points.
I hope this scheduled surgery works for you. Being apprehensive is totally understandable though.

I can’t wait to hear more about your trip. The Disney cruises have always had my interest, but I’ve never looked more into them. I might do that.


I’m glad to hear you are feeling better, and you have such a fun trip planned!


Welcome back!!! I hope that miracle comes and you do get Grand Floridian!!!


I always hate to see our vacations come to an end, but I always say, “ok, start planning our next Disney trip”!!! It works… Helps the depression. It just makes me happy to make new reservations, plus dining… Also, just knowing DH and I are going back to the “Happiest Place on Earth”!!! Infact, in May our daughters will be joining us. I know we will have a wonderful time, always do!!! :flowers: JOANN :mickey:


Karie-anne, that baby is SO DOGGONE CUTE!!! You did a great job! It reminds me of those WDW commercials:

“Karie-anne, you just had a new baby! What are you gonna do NOW?”

“I’m going to Disney World!!!”

You earned it!



:mickey: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :mickey:


now thats what im talkin bout!

oh yeah!



Welcome back! Glad to hear your feeling better. Planning a trip to Disney always helps! Have fun planning! :smile:


Girl, you have been MISSED around here!! Every so often, a thread will pop up that mentions you, and how much we miss you!!!

I’m so glad you’re back - and feeling better…it takes time. Having a baby is hard, especially when you have other youngins at home, too.


I love your trip plans - WOO HOO!!!


:wub: It’s GREAT to see you back, girlie!