Im baaaack!


Just booked another trip for this Sept. 5 nights @all star movies. Regular dining. Taking my friend this year. Very much more relaxed trip in mind…not a lot of scheduling. Very excited:heart::heart::laugh:


Minimal scheduling trips are the best. Have fun.


Congrats ok booking. The adult trips are much more relaxed and fun - enjoy


Thanks. Im going with my best friend. Its a girls week…no hubbies no kids! We picked the cheapest place to stay as its just a place to crash and the regular dining. When we went in October eating took up too much valuable park time lol.


It’s the main reason I don’t bother with many ADRs…there’s just too much time wasted for just “ok” food. I have more this coming trip then I have had in awhile for just me and my daughter, but I am also good for cancelling when down there cause I just don’t feel like going or think of something better to do. We are there seven days and have a total of 4 ADRs - 3 are definite. I honestly only care about two of them:laugh:


Yep…that’s kind of the way we feel…funny because my daughter and I were just talking about this today. We have friends that have every meal planned out with their dinner plan…it makes it kind of hard to go the same time as they do…


we ahve a couple favorite places… captains grille, narcooses we are trying raglan road and be our guest…


It’s so easy to get caught up in the excitement and want to keep planning and planning - it gets away from people and they just don’t realize how overwhelming it will be and how little they will actually get to see.

For some people, it’s a huge part of going to WDW and that’s what makes going there so great. SO many different ways to do it.


I loved, loved, loved Raglan Road. I went for the first time in January. Hope you enjoy!


We have 4ADRs. On the day we get there dinner @Tony’s in MK. Lunch the next day @50s prime time, nothing the day we hit AK, Thursday is lunch @chefs de France in Epcot and then the hoop Dee doo. Quick service for everything else. I was going to upgrade to deluxe, but we won’t spend the money oop that it’d cost to upgrade


Enjoy your trip!


Have a great time!


So my trip totally changed. Went with deluxe and made some reservations. We arrive @526pm and have hoop Dr doo reservations @830. Praying we make it lol