I'm Back! And Happy!



Hello Disney Friends.

As I said last year, my dream came true!!!

Between last November and February I was a Disney Cast Member and wow, how fun it was!

Sorry I didn’t post nothing while I was there, but I had a lot of work to make the magic happen and also I need to enjoy all that free fun.

Now, I’m back to Brazil, a little bit upset to live the dream behind… but, that’s life.

Disney just invited me to work there in the summer season. But, unfortunately I can’t go because of my college.

I’m still trying to find a word that can define how great my experience was… but it’s hard.

Thank you for all the best wishes I had before and during my program.

Disney Hugs for everybody.



Hope you made the most of your wonderful experience, and had a blast! :cool: :happy:


Welcome back, glad you had a wonderful time as a CM!


Glad you enjoyed your experience so much!


Ah god, I can’t wait! My parents said that They’ll help me sign up for the summer program in 2007. I really really want to work there. I always have! It’s been a dream! And now it looks like dreams CAN come true!


Sure am glad you had a great time.


I’m glad you enjoyed your time! I hope you find your way back to WDW some day! :mickey:


I’m glad you had such a wonderful time. I hope it works out that you can return as a CM again.