I'm back!


SO…I returned last night from my 10 vacation at WDW!!! I’m going to attempt my first TR…I am an amateur so it’s not going to be perfect. LOL!!!


Welcome Back! Have a wonderful time Im assuming??


what a great opening picture!! love it!


Yay! I can’t wait to hear how your trip was…I am hoping it was magical! You did miss some rare nice Memphis weather, but I am sure it was worth it! haha


I loved the opening shot, can’t wait to hear about your trip.


Oooh just that one picture is enough to get me totally pumped for your TR! :biggrin: Welcome back!!


ok, I am here, poised and waiting for more. No actually, you need to post your trip report in the trip report section, so why don’t I move you there?! :biggrin:


Welcome Back! Can’t wait for the TR. Hope you had a great time.


Welcome back! I can’t wait to read your TR! :happy:


Welcome back! Looking forword to your trip report and I hope a lot of pictures.:goofybounce:


Love the picture!!! Can’t wait for more! :cheshire:


Welcome back!! Cant wait to hear about your trip and see lotsa pictures!!


DD 7
DS 5
DS (sheree)
DS (charity)

So this trip was orginally booked for me, my boyfriend, and my 2 kids…BUT somehow my boyfriend’s brother, sister, and my mother and 2 sisters invited themselves but that is fine the more the merrier!!!


Friday was a very hectic day! There was a lot of last minute things I had to get done and we also had to pick up DBIL and DSIL who were not ready when we got there. So after helping DBIL pack (who by the way only had 3 pair and shorts and 4 shirts packed for a 10 day trip) we were on our way to my DM’s house which was our meeting place since everyone lived in different states. We left from Corinth, MS at a little after 11 pm. (1st mistake) I drove the first 7 hours with NO SLEEP! I usally go to bed about 9 or 10 so I was extra sleepy by 2 or 3 am. I will never again drive to Orlando because for the first 2 days EVERYONE was really cranky from the long drive. We made stops about every 2 hours which made the actual trip about 14 hours. We arrived in Orlando at about 1:30 pm Sat. at the Days Inn in Downtown Orlando. Our plans were to freshen up and browse around City Walk…didn’t happen. We were all too pooped to do anything but get comfortable and rest. Good thing we didn’t make it to City Walk because a tornado was spotted in the area. By this time I’m thinking great everyone is in a bad mood, the weather is horrible…my first trip at WDW is not starting off so great.

After getting some rest DS Sheree and DB Derrick made our way downstairs to the hotel bar for a drink. Saturday night was Karoke night and i really enjoyed it. We didnt stay to long because we had to be get up at 630 Sun morning in order check-in to the All-Star Movies resort and head over to the Animal Kingdom.



So we woke up Sunday morning…attitudes a little better since we were offically on our way to WDW. By the time everyone was dressed and the cars were packed it was about 8am. We arrived at the All Stars Resort and DM and I went in to check in. We were early but we wanted to go ahead and drop our luggage off and head over the AK. There was noone in line at check in so we walked right up to the front desk and since I had already checked in online our packages were ready. The CM took our phone numbers so that she could text us when our room was ready. We were also given 1st pins and Family Reunion pins.(we were not having a family reunion but the CM stated that since we were a grand gathering they considered it the same). My DD also received a Happy Birthday pin for her b-daythat coming Sat. After checking in we unloaded our luggage to be transported to our room once they were ready.

By the time we arrived at the Bus stop an AK bus was pulling up. I expected it to take forever to get to the AK but we arrived in less than 5 minutes…I was so excited. The Park was not crowded at all, that’s one thing I enjoyed the whole stay. The weather was also great today. It didn’t get hot until later in the day around 1 or 2. The first attraction we saw was It’s Tough to be a Bug…I saw this 3D show at DL so it wasnt new to me but the kid’s loved it. DD kept taking her glasses off I guess the objects were coming just a little too close to her face. LOL! Next, was Kilimanjaro Safari. By this time it’s around 10 and we received the text messages that the rooms were ready. I absolutely loved seeing all the different animals so close. We spotted a couple of characters and the kids took pictuers with them. DS Will was really afraid of the characters at first, but he came around later on in the week. I had forgotten to purchase autograph books so the kids weren’t able to get any autographs today. :frowning: We then hurried over to Kali River Rapids(where there was hardly no wait at all) where we all got totally soaked. We also took a walk thru Discovery Island trails and Maharajah Jungle Trek. No EE today the line was way to long by the time we made it to this ride. We didnt rush things because we would be going to each park twice so we took our time. The Next ride we rode was Dinosaur…This was the best ride of the day. I don’t know what I was expecting but that was totally not it.


Your children are adorable! :happy: I hope they enjoyed their first visit to the World!!!


OHHH FUN! ANd with pictures! Thanks for doing this! It is so fun to hear what everyone does on their trips. Your kids are cute… I hope they had fun!


We left the park about 330 went back to the room changed and took our cars to AK Lodge for resevations at Ohana’s. It is pouring rain so by the time we enter the lodge we are soaked. I stopped at the front desk and let the rep know that we have reservations at 520 for Ohana’s and she says well your at the wrong resort. Ohana’s is located at the Polynesian. Oooppss that was my fault I wrote the reservations down wrong…so we run back out into the pouring rain and try to make it to Ohana’s before 520 and it is now 430. We arrive just in time and the our reservations can not be found. So we are put on the list for reservations not found and placed on the waiting list. It takes about 30 minutes before we are called back to our table. The first thing that is brought to our table is salad…and then a variety of different meats are brought to the table…none that I am really crazy about but I still love the atmosphere. The kids danced and played games and had a really good time. After Ohana’s we return to the room to get a little rest for the next day because everyone is still tired from the long drive.


Aww… I could totally see how you could mess that up, especially not having been to WDW before. Ohana’s sounds like it could be located at AKL. I hate that you had so much trouble with the ADR, but it sounds like you guys had fun, anyway!


More Pictures from our first Day!


Great Start!

I LOVE your picture from Dino. Too funny!

Sorry about all the trouble with the ADR’s. I’ve been hearing that alot lately about ADR’s getting “lost” in the system. I’m glad they were able to get you in though!

Cant wait to hear more!