Im booked for AKV May 2009


I was able to snag a SV at AKV new building Kahani (sp??) for 5-15 5-25. Member services told me it was only extra 17 pts to upgrade so why not:happy: I also told them my DH will be with me so hopefully he follows through and goes becuase it will be our 8th wedding anniversary:wub:


Congratulations on getting the Dh to say he will go.SV at AKV new building Kahani!That should impress him.


AWESOME congratulations!! :biggrin:


Well… He said that he will go but the trick is getting him there:laugh: He said to book him a fishing trip the whole time. We will actually be there for our 8th wedding anniversary so perhaps something special will happen for the new celebration:wub:


Congrats!!! We will be leaving the day you come. May is a great month to go.


Yay, another trip! That is so awesome!!! Put that DVC to good use, girl. :happy:


Congrats on your next trip!


I know thats what Im saying:laugh: I want to go in March for a weekend for my birthday day which in on the 14th so I may have another little one going on. I hope so… I just need to stay on top of things with my $ and stop buying stupid stuff that I dont need. Like yesterday I gave my DD $10 to run to WaWa to pick up some marshmellows for a bonfire we were having in the back yard and she comes home with the marshmellows but no change:ph34r::ph34r::ph34r::ph34r: