I'm certainly not complaining


I just find it a bit odd. I made my ADR’s online for my April trip. We got every reservation we wanted for the times I was looking for. I even made some changes & didn’t run into any problems. Out of curiousity I looked up reservations for LeCellier & CRT. Both were available for the times & days I picked (didn’t book just wanted to see if they were available). Hoping this is an indication of a lower crowd.


Yeah, I’ve noticed that CRT seems to be having much more availability, lately. I was trying to book Chef Mickey’s for January 1, and CRT popped up as an alternative option. I was shocked. I also noticed alot of availability for Disney’s signature restaurants.

Of course, the park was still crowded that week (it was the week after Christmas, what do you expect?). I think that park-goers aren’t spending as much money on the “extras” like meals, nowadays. However, I’m sure that Disney’s spring savings deals (gift cards with stays 5 nights or more, and up to 40% discounts on rooms for stays 4 nights or less) will keep people coming.


I truly hope you are right!:happy: And congratulations on getting all the ADR’s you hoped for!


I was shocked when this past November I tried to book Le Cellier and it was unavailable…that wasn’t the surprise…the surprise came when I was offered CRT as an alternate option.

My best guess is that people are spending less $$$ on their meals…which sure does beat the alternative of not going to WDW at all!