I'm coming to Florida


Hey I just got word yesterday that I was accepted into the WDW College Program. I am beyond excited. I am a senior Public Relations major from Eastern Kentucky University.

First Post :slight_smile:




Thanks :smile:


Many congratulations! wonderful news I am sure you’ll have fun. My DD is applying for the ICP next year when she has finished University, she is looking to do only the summer programme though (3 months)- but good luck with yours and let us know how it goes.

oh and welcome to MB!


I will, I may create a blog with updates from Disney, but i don’t know.


Congrats!!! :happy: I’m on the CP now and I’m having a great time! What’s your role?


Congrats!! That is sooo exciting! have a great time!


Thanks custodial


Congratulations! It will be one of the best times of your life - I guarantee it!

Lots of the folks I knew on my CP who did custodial loved it because they felt like they had so much freedom to interact with the guests. I can’t wait to hear all about your experiences.


Congratulations, and welcome to Mousebuzz!
I hope you start a blog and keep us posted!


Congratulations and best of luck. I wish I was in your shoes!!!


[QUOTE=Goodegirl2007;1051149]Congratulations, and welcome to Mousebuzz!
I hope you start a blog and keep us posted![/QUOTE]

Wish come true:laugh:

Here is the blog that I have started for this experience

Walt Disney World College Program

Please leave comments here or there, let me know what ya think or how it can be improved, or what you would like to have covered.



Walt Disney World College Program


Thanks for sharing. I love to hear what everyone is doing there… Have fun in Florida!


Great blog! In regards to your hotel search, look into Holiday Inn SunSpree. That is where I (and the vast majority of Fall 2010 CPers) stayed the night before check-in. It is RIGHT across from Vista Way where you will check in, very convenient!


fantastic…that is great news


Thanks everyone for the support


Great start to your blog! Can’t wait to read more!! What an exciting time for you and your GF!


stay tuned as I do plan on posting in it almost daily, but def weekly at the least


New update, thanks all for showing interest.