Im Doing The Dance


The PAID IN FULL dance!!! I cant wait. Disney told me yesterday I will rec a big packet in the mail. I cant wait!!! Im really excited because I worked very hard all by myself to get this thing paid in less than 2 months. Thats a first :pinch:


It sure is a great feeling isn’t it!


Good for you!! Now all you have to do is save money for souvenirs!!


Congratulations!! That is definitely worth dancing about!!

runs off to check how much we still owe Mouseketrips

Uh, yeah. I won’t be dancing for a while yet.



Sweet… Is it a boot stompin, Yee Haw screaming kinda Redneck dance? :laugh:

Congrats… That must be a GREAT feeling… I guess it’ll be easier for you to pay for my WDW gift now… :laugh:


Congratulations. That’s not an easy thing to do Tink24. I would be dancing too, all the way to WDW.
Set your countdown!!!


THAT ROCKS!!! Congrats to you! Is that not the best feeling in the world? Debt free disney. ahhhhh :heart:


Dance on and on and on and on!!!


Congrats!!! That must be such a wonderful feeling!

Now… what’s gonna be in the package? Can ya tell I’ve never done Disney paid in full… :ninja: :pinch:


Congratulations! And only a month left!!!


Now im stuck in the house till pay day!!! :glare:


5 nights at all star movies park hopper tickets with water park and more as well as the dinning plan.


That’s really great!! Congrats to you. Have a great time!