I'm down to double digits, and I didn't even know it!


My countdown was set for our beach trip which we just returned from. I switched my countdown to reflect our trip we’re planning to WDW in October to surprise the kids. I can’t believe I’m down to less than 80 days!!!:laugh: I CAN’T WAIT!!


WOW that is great… Dancing in my chair for you.


I think its great for you… But to let you know, I am a wee bit jealous…


I’ll just sit here - quietly - and glare at my countdown - to - a - countdown.


What a cool surprise. Congrats, really not much longer.

I’ll be double digit dancing in a short few days :happy:


Oh my goodness, yes you will!!

And Missymouse, share your plans with us!! :happy:


Crank it up, ladies. Share the excitement!

(except for you Llama - go brush your teeth)


Okay, so DH surprised me with planning a trip for my birthday, but went ahead and told me because he knew that part of the fun for me is the planning. Soooo . . . our plan is to have DH home on Wednesday, October 17th. We will secretly pack up the car while the kiddos are at school. They will come home and do all their regular stuff. We have church activities that evening, and when we come home we’ll get everyone ready for bed, like always. Just as they are going to go to bed, DH will say, “Oh, no!! We’re going to have to go for a ride. I forgot something!” I think our 2 older children will have it all figured out when they get in the packed car, but our lips will be sealed! They’ll go to sleep, and when they wake up we’ll be in Orlando!! :laugh: :laugh:

We are only doing a short 4 day trip, but I don’t care! Anytime in the World is great to me! We’ll do AK on day one with dinner at 1900 Park Fare–a favorite of my girls. The next day is my birthday, and I want to spend it in MK. We’ll go for a late breakfast at Chef Mickey’s–a meal that our little boy will like–back to MK for a Dole Whip later in the day, and Wishes to top it all off. The next day is MGM with no special meals planned, and Epcot on Sunday with breakfast at Norway, another favorite of my girls.

I am REALLY excited!!! I’ll just keep watching that countdown!


sounds like a great trip!!