Im finally Disney stress free!


Im doing the paid in full dance. I paid off the trip last week and all the airline tickets today. I have most of my spending money set aside but I dont know how much I want to bring. Im thinking $100 per day since I have the DDP but hopefully I can find some more money to bring!

Well at least Im almost done! :heart:


yea!!! It’s so nice not to worry about the bills after. And then you are free to start planning the next trip.:happy:


Congrats to you. I love the “paid in full” dance. I am in the same boat. I only have spending money and rental car to worry about from now until August 24th…such a great feeling.


I wish I was that far ahead! I am still paying off the things I bought to sell on Ebay to sell and pay for my trip!
I do however have a month supply of Disney crocs in Yellow!


I was thinking about getting a rental as we always do but this time its just my dd and I on one bill and my mommom and aunt decided to join on another so I think since we hear such great things about ME we will be using it but mommom and my aunt want to go to church on sunday so they mab catch a cab over there


A cab will be fine for them if they want to attend mass. You should be ok with ME and WDW transportation. We are staying at OKW this time and the rental will benefit us there. I would have done a towncar otherwise…when I added up the towncar cost and the random cabs I take all over WDW cause I don’t have the patience to wait for the bus, the rental was a no brainer…I just can’t stand waiting.:laugh:


Congratulations on paying for oyur trip, it’s such a good feeling.

We’re paid in full as well. Our room and passes are already paid for so all we need is spending and food money and I already ahve that set back waiting.


Congrats to you! I love that paid in full feeling. We will still have to buy our passes, but everything else is covered.


WHAT?!?!?! you buy things and re sell on Ebay??? Like what??


How wonderful for you. I would love to take a trip with just my daughter and me but I have a feeling that my DS14 would never let that happen :laugh: . Have a great time.


Congrats on your paid in full news-what a great feeling that is.


I should be at work right now making some money with overtime but look im here on MB!!


Congrats. Thats the best feeling!


Good for you. I can’t wait to get there . . . few more months.


What a great feeling that must be.
To be paid off in full…

Now you have to worry about packing. :laugh:


you know… its hard to chat with you when your mailbox is full you nut!