I'm FINALLY going to Disney!


I am so excited! I am FINALLY going to Disney World! I got airfare non-stop for $59 one way and $89 the other way, I had a PIN for free dining and I have enough Disney rewards points to almost completely pay for hotel and park for 6 days!! I finally convinced my husband, who doesn’t like to travel, that early Dec. was a perfect time to go. We are booked! Any tips for travelling just before Christmas? Thanks!


Amazing, lucky you! Have an amazing time, it will be Magical! :mickey: Oh, and Welcome to Mousebuzz!


Thanks! I can’t believe I’m almost 40 and have never been to DW.


:mickey: Congrats! You’ll have an awesome time, where are you going to stay?


Congratulations! Did you get to make your dining reservations?


Good for you, I know your going to have a wonderful time.:goofybounce:


We are staying at Pop Century. We can get our ADR’s on Sept. 3rd.


Oohhh! You’re going to have an awesome time! Congrats! :goofybounce:


OMGosh, I am glad you are going - congrats to you :flowers:


Oh my goodness! That is wonderful! Have fun planning and have a fabulous trip!


Fantastic news! This is the site to be to learn all the insider tips!!

December in Disney is FANTASTIC!!! Are you going to get tickets to MVMCP?


How awesome. Your going to love Pop Century.Are you traveling with children? What airline did you get such a great deal on?We got $59.00 both ways from Philly to Orlando in September from AirTran.


Congrats! Christmas is so magical. I went last year after Christmas. You have to go to HS and check out the osbourn lights. Its out of this world


Wicked:wub: hope you have a fantasmic time.

don’t forget to do MVMCP it is so good

Welcome to mousebuzz:heart:


Welcome to Mousebuzz! How exciting. It sounds like you got a great deal on things. We will probably be standing in line with you somewhere in the parks. We have never been at Christmas time either and I am so excited to see the parks and resorts decorated for the holidays.


[QUOTE=mickeysgirlz;979787]Fantastic news! This is the site to be to learn all the insider tips!!

December in Disney is FANTASTIC!!! Are you going to get tickets to MVMCP?[/QUOTE]

I have been a lurker for a long time just hoping to book a trip. I’ve been taking note of everyone’s suggestions and they look sooo helpful! With this being my first trip, would you recommend MVMCP or do you think there is plenty to see without it? I am going to be travelling with my DH (think Grumpy from Snow White :laugh:) and sons ages 7 and 4.


I will be there with DH and my two sons ages 7 and 4. The 7 year old is already very excited, too early to mention in to my younger one. We got in on the American Airlines sale. If I had been faster I could have gotten $59 both ways - oh well! Still a great deal!


Congrats on planning your first trip!!! :mickey:


Lol…it sounds like you should leave Grumpy at home and take a friend instead! :laugh:


No worries … The DH will arrive Grumpy and leave Goofy !!!:laugh:
I speak from experience , Just ask my wife !!! :laugh:

Congrats on you trip … Take lot’s of pics to share !!!