I'm FINALLY going to Disney!


I’ll go, pick me ! pick me !


Any suggestions for the best places to view fireworks? I remember reading some posts about that before, but I can’t find them now. Thanks!


My family and I like to watch them from the bridge going into Tomorrowland. Tinkerbell flies right over you!


Is that for Wishes?


Congratulations, early December is such a wonderful time to go!! Please take lots of notes/pics so you can share them with us when you come back! :happy:


Yes, Tinkerbell flies from the castle to Tomorrowland as Wishes is starting.


And she’s all lit up !!! Not on booz though! :laugh:

Thanks ...I finally got to use that joke !!!!!  YEAH


FIRST TIMERS should ALWAYS get a place right in front of the castle! It’s a must if you want to enjoy the lights on the castle, the smaller ground fireworks and to see Tink fly!

Plan a night for it . . . but be prepared! Bathroom break and snacks since you have to line up about 45 minutes before. BUT if you plan it right, you watch the parade and then stay put for a few and see the fireworks.

Wishes is INCREDIBLE!! My fav . . . :heart:

PS. This is my FAVORITE book: http://www.amazon.com/Complete-Walt-Disney-World-Guide/dp/0970959680 The Complete Walt Disney World 2009 Great pictures and great tips!


No tips but ENJOY!! I made my first trip 2 years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since.


You are going to have a fantastic time!! It is a great time to go :slight_smile:


[QUOTE=WALL;979875]No worries … The DH will arrive Grumpy and leave Goofy !!!:laugh:
I speak from experience , Just ask my wife !!! :laugh:

Congrats on you trip … Take lot’s of pics to share !!![/QUOTE]

Welcome to MouseBuzz!! I agree with Wall, especially if you are on the DDP and have some really good ADRs - there is some awesome food at WDW. Such a wonderful place, it is a VERY addicting vacation spot.


Hello! Congrats!!! You MUST add on the dinning plan if you haven’t already.
Welcome to the “Disney Mania”:laugh:


congrats …you WILL have a great time …crowds are OK and hopefully the weather will be good and one bit of advice get plenty of rest before you go …you will be busy but the experience will be worth it…have a great time