I'm glad I got my airfare when I did


I just bought my “assigned seats” on spirit.com…as I was talking to myself about having to pay for a stupid seat, I decided to check to see what the same flight would cost if I booked it today…OMG…I did get a deal

Flight: $951
Luggage : $120
Seats : $30
Grand total: $1101 for two people…

I paid…
Flight: $392
Luggage: $40
Seats: $30
grand total :$462 for two people…

That’s an amazing difference in 6 months…amazing is an understatement. I feel seriously ill for anyone who is trying to buy airfare for that time frame right now. If these prices stay like this, driving is a definate next summer. I will not pay over a thousand to fly for two hours…stupid.


Wow…that is a HUGE difference. Glad you bought when you did. Air fare is just so out of hand… ridiculous.


That’s amazing. I don’t know how long we’ll be able to keep flying if the prices continue to go up. I don’t mind a couple of hundred dollars each but I don’t know that I’ll be able to pay $500 each. I’m glad we don’t mind the drive!


There is no way I would have been able to afford that …no way. I would have had to drive at that point and cut a day off my trip or beg for two more days off…lol I will definately have to drive down there next summer if this doesn’t get better…gas, hotel and food on the road is WAYYYY cheaper that $1100.:ohmy:


I agree, I simply WILL NOT pay the airlines that kind of money. If it were an absolute emergency, then obviously, but for vacation… notta! I think we would make it a road trip, make stops along the way… and make it into an adventure.


OMG!!! What a HUGE difference!!! Glad you got it when you did!
Now after 7 driving trips under our belt, we’ve flown this last trip and DH is hooked…of course now that rates are unbelievable. On Thursday, we booked for our Christmas trip air and paid a little more than what we wanted too…about $100-$150 more, but he said Book it, so I did. Unfortunately, DSis and DM didn’t get in on that rate (seats were gone at the cheaper rate) but we’re hoping for a DING for them…if not, they say they’re OK with is since they have a Florida side trip planned after our WDW trip. We may have to go back to driving for our Spring Break trip if the rates don’t come down soon.


That’s what we’ll have to do next summer if something doesn’t change.


Wow Thats A Big Difference


Great going Dana.
I am stuck with tickets that cost me $278 last Nov. and now they are a little over $ 600 per person. But who’s counting? :pinch:


Yeah for you Dana. I know there are so many people that are trying to book airfare right now. It wouldn’t surprise me if Disney definitely starts seeing some decline in business because Airfare is so high right now.


Wow that is a fantastic savings . . . I did read that gas by next summer could be up to $5/gallon . . . yikes! That’ll put a damper on anyones vacation! :glare:


My dh travels a lot for his job, and he can not believe how fares have changed. This is really getting crazy!


That’s why I’ve stopped looking for airfare all together for our trip in August. We’ve always had it in our heads if we found a certain price for airfare, we would book, otherwise we would drive. Have never even come close to our target price (which was much higher than what we spent last year!) We’ve already mapped out our driving.


Thats what we always do as well. If we get our target fare, we book it. I wound up using a combination of frequent flyer miles and cash for our August trip. Otherwise, we would have cancelled our trip.


Wow. That new airfare is really scary. I’m worried that if things don’t change for the better, our next trip to WDW is a long, long way off. Glad it worked out for you!!!


I am glad you were an early planner too Dana! Seriously, the difference in prices is just unbelieveable! We got plane tickets for our October trip back in March so thankfully we avoided that expensive mess too BUT the more I look at airfare for next Spring Break, for our cruise, the more nervous I am getting.

Good thing you got a deal before the rates went up! LEt’s all keep our fingers crossed that prices come back down b/c hopefully the airlines will see that demand will drop off eventually.


Oh my…that is just plain scary.


Good thing you had already purchased. That stinks that it went up so much. We always drive, it is just easier for my family plus the second week we always stay at a rental house and we need our vehicle to travel to visit relatives and stuff. I would never pay that much to fly when it costs us less than half to drive.


Amen to that Dana! We booked our flights in May for our trip in early January, 2009. We’re flying Jet Blue from Long Beach (stop over in BOSTON) to Orlando and got our round trip tickets for $457 each (incl all taxes & fees). I checked back last week and the same ticket is now $105 higher each!:eek: .

We agonized over booking the seats at the time, thinking the price was too high. We’re now thanking our lucky stars we booked when we did. :happy:


Me too! Bought tickets on May 4 for Oct. 22-30 for $219 w/ tax. Now they are over $358 w/ tax.