I'm goin back to the World sooner than expected!


Yes I am going to WDW in September BUT…

I am going for a long weekend in May. May 6 - May 9!

I am so excited.

My mom is doing a security job (she owns a security company) at the swolfin so Tyler and I are heading down there to join her.

We are staying at the POP and she is gonna move in with us on Friday.

I am so excited. My mom and DH got together and gave me this trip for mothers day!

Its gonna be weird to be there without Dh but I can’t wait to be in the MK with just Tyler!

Bwaaaaaaaa I’m so excited!


Lucky you! :happy: What a great Mothers day gift!


Fun. :happy:


YAY! :happy:


What a wonderful MD gift! Have a great time and takes lots of pics!!


That’s a wonderful gift, how lucky are you!


What an awesome gift!


How fun! Have a great trip.


That’s great!! I hope you have a wonderful trip.


Now THAT’S one terrific Mother’s Day Present!:happy:


I’m so happy for you have a magical trip :mickey: