I'm going again-again!


So just a month after the news of a post-Thanksgiving trip to Disney with my family, I’ve planned yet another for a quick weekend in May, a month from now. Tell me I’m crazy!! :laugh:

I’ll be going with a good friend from down here; like me, she has a history of going to the parks with her fam for many years, and hasn’t been in about 7 years. So she is really excited, and she’s really chill, and she got the weekend off, now I just have to stay on top of school work!! (I dont finish until June 1st)

Another plus is the free passes. I don’t know why I didn’t app to be a campus rep sooner… :ninja:


That’s awesome! Have fun planning.


Happy Planning!!


Sounds awesome, have a great time.



Not Crazy at all…Sounds great!


Good for you! I hope this trip is more fullfilling than the last. :mickey:


Hope you have a great trip with your friend!




I think I will. The trick is to go with people who really really like the cheese and such in the first place. She’s not a terribly cynical gal either, so I think she’ll just soak it all up! :wub:

I have this desire to start PLANNING and figure out what day to leave (really depends on my school…) how many parks to do and which parks to do etc etc…but I don’t want to frighten her away with my super planning needs. :laugh: She loves Disney, but I don’t think she’s that OCD.


Have fun planning your trip.


Congrats! Have fun and take tons of pictures


Wow thats awesome 2 trips to look forward to! Better get planning :slight_smile:


If I were a campus rep I’d go as often as I could!!


Yay, 2 trips!