I'm Going Back For My Birthday!


Sitting here discussing my upcoming birthday with my sweetie pie and I decided I WANNA GO TO DISNEY WORLD!!!. Guess what??? When you call 1-407-WDISNEY…They let you go back! :wink:

So next Friday we’re going to Saratoga Springs for the weekend!!! Can’t wait. I’ve never been there. I think we’re going to Artist Point for dinner. The rest is up in the air. (like I’m gunna be on Soarin…EE…ToT…RnR… :ohmy:

Whoo hoo!!!

Sorry…had to let it out!


Sweet…good for you…I hate you j/k:tongue::smile:


Awww…that is soo very cool!! YAY for you! Funny how they let you go back when you call that number and give em a credit card to hold your space huh?? Have fun!


Oh that is great! What a fun way to spend your birthday.


Yeah, well it was all YOUR videos that got me wantin’ to go back so there! :glare:


Oh…so WDW owes me a commission. :wink: I’ll take a free trip thank you very much :tongue:



Congrats, Fishy!


Have a great time!!!



Wooohoo! YAY! I think you’ll LOVE SSR it’s VERY immaculate and the pool is so fun looking! Happy Birthday!


What a wonderful way to spend your birthday! How fun for you! :happy:


Lucky!!! Enjoy Yourself!


I wish I was close enough to take a weekend jaunt to Mickey’s house . . .

HAVE FUN!!! :biggrin:


Awe have fun! I’ll be at DisneyLand the same time so I’ll be thinking of you!


I dreamt about my upcoming trip last night so that’s as close as I get right now.

Congrats to you!!!


They let you go back just like that? hmmm do you have to pay? LOL Kidding. Congrats on your newest trip!