I'm Going Back Tomorrow!


We decided on another last minute weekend so we’re going to the EE preview at AK!!!
Got 1 night at POR for 78.00 - can’t beat that! I’m hoping crowds will be really light so we can park hop.
I’ve got my mind set on a bowl of cheddar soup from Canada!!! :wub:


Sounds like a great weekend!
Have fun!!


Wow, lucky you! :happy: Have a wonderful weekend!


YAY!!! I am jealous, have fun on EE!!!

I miss those “last minute” weekends when I used to live in Florida :crying:


Catfish, GET TO AK EARLY!!! I had to wait 90 minutes for EE on Sunday, and we weren’t even guaranteed a ride. Also, they were doing FPs for it on Sunday, but you had to get there early on. Good luck and have fun!


Yummmm…cheese soup…drools


How fun! $78 is a great deal! Can’t wait to hear all about EE! OOh, and enjoy the soup!