I'm going back!


I can’t believe it…I am shaking I am so excited!!! I got the Southwest Airline email saying they were having a nationwide sale so for the heck of it I typed in some dates in August to see what the fare was. I came up $69 each way! So I called DH and said can we go to Disney for a long weekend in Aug? Since we already have park tickets, he said “sure!!!”. So I called Disney and used the discount code at AS Movies and got rooms there for 3 nights at $233.91!!!

DH doesn’t want me to tell anyone so we can surprise DD with the trip!!! This is so exciting, we never do anything spontaneous like this!!! Yayyyyy :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: I have to go and change my countdown!!!


Congratulations!! That sounds like a fun way to plan a trip.


Congrats! Surprise Disney trips are the best!


ohhhh I am so excited for you.


that is just so super groovy, congrats :happy: actually gives me a little inspiration to check out what jetblue might have going on…:laugh:


AWESOME! I love to hear about these surprise trips. You encourage me to plan something on the fly…


Congrats! Suprise trips and spontaneous trips are my favourite kind. You are going to have a blast! Yay you!


How Awesome!!! Maybe one day I can plan spontaneous trips like that…sounds like you will have a blast…espcially since you are surprising your DD! Happy Planning!


Look, just don’t go getting all obnoxious like some of these other big babies are doing. This is a cool surprise. Have fun.


What a great surprise for your daughter!




Lucky you. I wish Southwest came to Milwaukee. Have fun!


that is so awesome!!! congrats!


YAY!!! How exciting! I would love to plan a quick trip like that!!!:happy:


Wow!! Great surprise! Have fun!


Congratulations! There is nothing like adding a Disney trip to your schedule to really make you happy:happy: :happy: !!

Good for you! Now you’ve got me thinking that I should maybe start planning our next trip even though we have one coming up in August :ohmy: .